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This cutie needs to get back to my life. Like NOW.
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oppaaa shi Yoon!!
5 years ago·Reply
watch barefoot friends he so determine and funny in that show
5 years ago·Reply
@gailatienza19 yup I knw I watch barefoot friends Kim hyun joong and yoon shi yoon my 2 fav oppas and ho dong he is 2 funny lol u all shd watch it :-) <3. he is soo cute soo charming soo friendly in dat show dat show made me realized his actual personality is soo much like enrique guem like a gullable sweet angle who is thr for and can mk u smile anytime shi yooni oppa is superb he is awesome SARANGHAEO oppa <3
5 years ago·Reply
love Barefoot Friends. such a nice and humble guy.
4 years ago·Reply
heandsom guy
4 years ago·Reply