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As my mom pulls up against the curb, I look at Keilani with angry eyes as I hold onto her hand, She seemed annoyed and worried.
"Have a good day children!" My mom squels. I smile at her as I get out of the car and open the door for the girls, But Keilani just opens the door and stands next to me as her arm wraps around mine, Made me blush hardly. I see (Y/N) looking at me with a smile on her face as I grab her hand and guide her out like a princess. When I shut the door, Keilani kisses my bicep as her hand touches my abs. I blush a bit as I look at her laying her head laying against my arm.
"What was that for?" I asked her as I pet her head childishly.
"Showing you my affection." She whispered. I smile crookedly as I look around. I look up to see (Y/N) looking down at a book while her face looked concentrated, Her eyes were squinting tightly as her noise scrunches, Which was pretty cute. Keilani lets go of me as she walks away saying, "I love you!!!"
"I love you too!" I yelled back, Forcing attention. Everyone's faces looked at me in aw as I walk towards (Y/N) and wrap my arm around her and look down at her book,
"What are you reading?" I asked her. She keeps looking down at the book as she responds, "Just a book called, The art of being normal".
I look at her eyes as they slide down the page. I look at my watch to see that class was about to start. "Hey, ummm who do you have for 2nd period?" I asked her shyly.
She closes her book and looks up at me with a cautious smile,
"I have Mr. Park, Don't you have have Mrs. Lopez?" She asked me.
I nod a yes as I sigh loudly. I look at her as she starts to walk slowly, I decided to walk besides her. I look around my surroundings to find Keilani, I see her talking to her friends and their boyfriends. I see her look at me with a crooked smile, I smile back as I wave at her.
I walk besides her as I make the stupidest jokes, "Hey, What did Infinite do for your birthday?"
She smiles as she says, "I don't know."
"They Sunggyu a song!" I yelled jokingly, Making her blush and giggle into her hand quietly.
You walk into the caferteria as you hold onto your tray. You look for your friends but you couldn't find them, Until, You found Daehyun sitting alone. You walk over to him and sit next to him, "Hey Daehyun." You said as you smiled.
He looks up at you and blushes, "Hey (Y/N)! I know it's a bit too late to apologize but I'm sorry for the incident. I would have visited you but I had family issues at home."
"It's alright." You said as you look around the room. You look over to the door to see Keilani alone. She spots you and her face lit up with a big smile. She walks towards you and Daehyun as she squels, "Hey Friends!!!!"
Daehyun looks at her with confusion as she sits in front of me,
"We're friends?" She sighs, "Yeah we are, I'm friends with (Y/N) and you two are friends so then we are friends."
He just ignores her explanation and eats as she asks me, "Hey have you seen Yongguk?" Daehyun chuckles quietly in his hand as he looks at her,
"He's in detention right now, He kept talking to his friends and talking back to the teacher."
Keilani gasp loudly as she looks at him with worried eyes, "My poor baby!!!", But she pauses for a brief moment, "Wait, If he is in trouble...Then, Oooh I'm dating a bad boy...Me likey.."
You just laugh hardly as so did Daehyun. You ran out of breath as you felt your face turn bright red. You try to stop but you just couldn't. "What was so funny?" She asks.
"Oh Nothing, Don't worry about it." You replied, You look over at Daehyun whos eyes had met yours, Making you two laugh at her together in each others arms.
"Are you guys dating?" She whispers cautiously, Making you choke on embarrasment.
"No, We aren't." He said. "You should." She says back intensely,
"Why not?" He pauses to take in a deep breath, "Yongguk doesn't want me to date her." He told her sadly, "You don't need no one else's approval to date someone, If you really like her, Go for it." She told him inspiringly. He looks at you and takes your hand,
"Can we start over?"
"Sure." You said shyly as he grasps onto your hand tightly,
"Umm Hi, I know that you may not know me, But my name is Jung Daehyun and I happened to take interest in you and I would like to get to know you better, Will you go on a date with me tonight?"
You blush in cuteness as you whisper to him, "I'd love too go on a date with you, Daehyun."
He hugs you tightly as Keilani excites loudly, "Awwww!!!! You guys are so cute!!!!"
In words put into thoughts, You told yourself, "Be quiet, I'm having a special moment right now and your ruining it with your presence."
You blush as he pulls back and has you wrapped into his arm. You look up to see Yongguk waving at you, You wave back secretly as you smile. His cute gummy smile shines out as he walks away to detention.
You were walking home until you felt a hand touch your shoulder. You look over your shoulder to see Keilani smiling as her fingers were laced with Yongguk's, Making you frown slightly. "How was detention?" You asked him. "Mmm, It was boring but peaceful."
You thought to yourself, "Peaceful? How can something like detention be peaceful? It's a prison for teenagers but less scary." You look in front of to see a group of people walking towards you. You start to feel anxious as you felt something tugging your shirt. Yongguk pulled you into his arm just he does with Keilani, Making you feel that she was jealous. He eventually lets go of you as he kisses Keilani's cheek. You just ignore them as you run towards your house. Before entering your home, They both waved bye too you, Forcing you to wave bye back.
I wave goodbye to (Y/N) as I stroke Keilani's shoulder. She pushes my hand away as her voice got serious, "Can I ask you something?"
I nod yes before she interupts me, "How come you don't want Daehyun to go out with (Y/N)?" I pause before saying, "Because...She deserves more than that, Everyone deserves someone special and loyal, Not a piece of trash. Like me.."
She looks at me with confused eyes, "You are someone special and loyal, I believe any girl is lucky to be with you, I love you Yongguk."
"I love you too, Keilani. But you deserve someone better." She froze as I said those words, "Are you breaking up with me?" She asked me as she starts to tear up.
I clear everything up briefly, "No I'm not, I'm not ready just to let go of you and to throw away our relationship." She smiles as she hugs me tightly. I kiss her forehead in relief before leaving home.
Wasn't this cute? Just kidding ha I hoped everyone enjoyed the story!! Sorry if it was short
This isn't relevant but this is too good to pass up XD
Here is the book, "The art of being normal" by Lisa Willamson. I never read the book by the cover photo is very powerful to me.
I love your fan fiction! please part 6!
I still dont like Keilani.... But that infinite joke 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃憣馃憣馃憦馃憦馃憦
sorry part 5
Man I read this whole series in 10 minutes considering that I'm typing my essay but amazing so please tag in part 6!!!!!!!!!
OMG!!! Haha idk who is worse. Me or Yongguk. They both have this jealousy thing going and its soo cute but so funny at the same time. haha cause neither wants to say anything so they avoid it. lol.... and that book sounds interesting...
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