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Wonho {Monsta X Sexistet Member}
Its finally time for Monsta X sexiest member to make himself known...Wonho has wreck my bias list so many times I don't even get surprised when it happens..and since it was his birthday just a day ago we might as well more about him!
Basic Facts:
Name- Shin Ho Seok
Birth Date- March 1, 1993
Position- Vocalist

1. Wonho jokingly said that he likes Jogger pants because of how comfortable they are.

2. Wonho can do Taekwondo.

3. The biggest lie that Wonho ever told is he's ugly. So in other words he's happy with his appearence ^^

4. Has a habit for sticking his tongue(Just like V)

5. He likes to flash his abs

This is one of his debut missions when he is trainee and can I just say he is so smooth. Hyolyn's reaction is on point lol..I was in literal tears when I saw her reaction

And There You Have It....I Hope You Enjoyed Looking/Learning About Wonho!!! Next will be I.M!!

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WONHO, please stay in your lane...
2 years agoReply
Love him and the way he smiles just kills me 馃樆
2 years agoReply
Speaking of which... I'm still waiting for the Ramyun x Wonho ship to sail. @xxchicharitoxx
2 years agoReply
@MandyNoona I think everybody is waiting for that ship to finally sail. 馃槃
2 years agoReply