I was just scrolling along my tumblr when I saw it... a never before seen photo of Suga and V completely natural. No makeup, no acting, just them. Are you ready for this?
Suga is the sleepiest he's ever been! V is spacing out like always. Okay, so it was a joke but come on...
where's the difference tho? @CosmicCassidy I worked hard on this lmao that picture hit me like a ton of bricks and I had to do it
Bruh this is a good card. I'm proud of you. AND V AND SUGA'S SEXINESS.
2 years ago·Reply
@CosmicCassidy cattiness XD tho the sexy is there
2 years ago·Reply
Those cats are soooo accurate hahaga
2 years ago·Reply
@kpopandkimchi I really wasn't thinking of BTS or even kpop at all at the time but when I saw that picture all that I could think was V and Suga XD
2 years ago·Reply