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I'm not really a political person, but this is a landmark election, one that could potentially change America forever. We're at a precipice where Donald Drumpf is leading the republican polls with his idiocy and bigotry, and the opposition from other party members isn't enough to detract from him,
I put my faith in Bernie much like I would with Goku. He could be the super saiyan we need. Hopefully he can defeat the useless shitter Drumpf, who I will say is Raditz because Raditz is also an annoying loudmouth.
If I could wish on the Dragon Balls, it'd be to put Bernie in office.
Or the power to stop time.
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Well NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) is horrible for our country. It always has been and now we have a similar deal with the Trans Pacific trade agreement. Their all horrible. My point is if we can secure our borders and then deport everyone whos illegal we can pave the way for everyone in our country to have jobs. A lot of those jobs are well paying jobs. Why would an american turn a job down cause its hard, and then someone else come along who's illegal and work a job for less money that is equally hard?
@Straightshooter I will not argue with you about NAFTA. That's probably one thing that we can both agree on about. Why would an American turn down a job because it's hard? Because they do. That's not saying that there aren't people who wouldn't work them. Here's my experience from living in NJ, Virginia and North Carolina, and knowing business owners. The one thing they all say is that the immigrants work harder and are willing to work harder. The Americans they hire act like they entitled to something and don't want to stay in their lane. Again, that's not everyone. My stepfather busts his ass at his job, and has the same complaints about immigrants taking jobs. But he's had more issues with citizens and their work ethic, and having to pick up their slack, than the immigrants his boss hires under the table from time to time. It sounds like you're not the type that will see your crappy paycheck, and then say fuck this shit. This work is too hard. But a lot do, and that is how the immigrants get the job.
@ThePervySage then theres another thing we can agree on. Americans need to get up off their asses and work harder. Our grandparents and great parents busted their asses the late 1890s and depression era. My grandfather was born and raised in a coal miners town in West Virginia. My grandmother was also born in a coal miners town in Virginia. They both moved to Baltimore and lived next door to each other and eventually fell in love and married and had my mom. My grandfather though only had one vehicle and would walk 10 miles to work every morning so my grandmom would have the car for their 5 kids. He worked double shifts and my grandmom eventually went back to work to when their youngest reached 12 (my mom being the 4th of 5). Our generation can learn a lot from the older generations when it comes to working hard. Believe that lol
@Straightshooter My grandmother did too. She had to work three jobs when she divorced my grandfather. She had worked from 8 years old. Not saying it was right because her whole family life was, dysfunctional, to say the least. She did what she had to do. She didn't agree with my mom being welfare and other forms of government assistance. My friend, who is an immigrant, worked three jobs. One in our office, and two bartending jobs. And was also in school. So people who really want to will do so. But at the same time, this country isn't what it was. Because there was the time where you could have one job and do multiple shifts, or two jobs, and support a family. That's gone because it costs too much to live now, and the jobs where you could do multiple shifts are not here anymore. And what is here will eventually be automated. The McDonald's I go to has kiosks to take your order.
Make america great again