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Alright NAKAMA I'm gonna tag away and I just wanna hear why I'm sending this volume to all of you. Don't worry many of you were in my last volume giveaway pick so that will also be coming and the vote was won for kakashi's story and I'm gonna follow it with shikamaru's story days to weeks after for another giveaway. I feel bad I've been working so much my last giveaway is just being sent out to the winner weeks later but NAKAMA do not falter I will follow through with my promises. Also what else do my NAKAMA like?? So here it is the way to win vol 4 the most "current" vol of One-Punch Man! I hope many like it btw. If you have the 6th sense, lol, I sure don't, anyone name the number of anime on my current watching list on my IMAL2 app!! Don't worry I'm taking a screenshot right now so I won't cheat!! 1 guess only, first guess is taken as only guess!! Also I'm giving an extra giveaway!! @LeviHouse @koifries @Miracto @KarinaRaygoza @KarinaRaygoza @NinjaMouse @Gladness @PASCUASIO @KittyCommittee @hermoineNH1 @WilliamHutson @sanRico @CaitlinDavis @koifries @MarthaCastaneda @InVinsybll @JakeErter @NikolasSatterwh @Dabaesaplayer @mcbubbles @Juju91934 @jazminramirez9 @Maddie27 @Kellyjelly @KrisleeSantiago @YiselRamos @NerukaWong @derw4367 @Animefoxgirl97 @RinLightKirito @StephanieBecerr @AutumnAlford @Danse @sanRico @MarthaCastaneda @Moonpie15b @arnelli @BeannachtOraibh @turbidmocha @Sexyshirolover @AustinDiehl @Lucks @Thatperson512 @KellerBertrand @LoveGaara @tayhar18920 @LawlessEspada17 @tec96 @suzettecaramaya @youngshaddy687 @AllyAponte @halowoods1213 @pervysagex @lololauren15 @erebus9898 @jasminetimple @begone @Maddie27 @DereckTorres @noizyboy123 @seintoseiya @gatorchick96 @adamdean @pascuasio @ebethoven @mcbubbles @rinlightkirito @miracto @karinaraygoza @derektorres @InVinsybll @hikaymm @poojas Tag anyone else who may be interested, my tags are weak compared to many. Also don't work very very soon I'm doing the vingle pick manga giveaway of Kakashi's story as well!! So the more NAKAMA the merrier!!
16+ years of age to receive this manga but also the newest "monster musume" manga installation!! So this is a 2 for 1 grab!! NAKAMA what is the number of animes on my current IMAL2 list? 1 guess remember NAKAMA!! Winner gets all, but the monster musume is for 16+ yrs old so if need second place on can still win that. It's manga but I want to be safe and sound NAKAMA. Anime is life!! Manga 4 ever!!
Alright I'm announcing the winner!! @frantzagesilas congrats!! I currently have 23 on my "currently watching" anime list and lucky you just yesterday before this card I started my binge of FMA brotherhood!! So that makes 24 currently watching animes!! For the extra giveaway of Monster Musume I do wanna make sure you atleast 16+ yrs of age!! If not it's fine and your still gonna get One Punch Man!! This is due to Monster Musume being a manga that you have to be 16+ to buy!! Thanks everyone for participating and hope more of you follow as I will start to tag more and more who wanna participate as my next giveaway will be!!!! Kakashi's Story!!!! So stayed tuned NAKAMA!!
@AngelMartinez1 I will plan to, it will most likely be with One Piece for the summer. But later on once I have time and such I will do others as well!! I'll make sure to tag you in them NAKAMA!!
wait what happened that was a contest and what did I win
@hikaymm thanks NAKAMA, I think I tagged you but if not I will from now on if you want. Next giveaway will prob be after a little bit but it's prob gonna be kakashi's story or shikamaru's story!!
@frantzagesilas congrats!! and cool giveaway @LuffyNewman
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