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I've probably been subscribed to the Game Grumps channel ever since I made a YouTube account. Even though they've changed their hosts every now and then, I still watch most of their videos when they come out.
Enough about that though! One of my favorite videos of theirs comes from their playthrough of Banjo Kazooie. But instead of leaving that whole episode for you, I left the part that made me laugh the most. When talking about how many collectibles they have (8 out of 10) they suddenly go into this weird riff about having rating things "ten out of ten". You can check it out below!
It still makes me laugh as hard as I did hen I first heard it. I'm probably going to watch it a couple more times in a row because I'm a weirdo and love it. Tenouttaten full success.
Thanks to Droid Corp's Gaming Department Head @poojas for this wonderful challenge! I'm going to tag a couple of my Vingle Buddies as well!
this is tenouttaten
That was hilarious! And thank you for participating in Video Wednesday! ^^
it was
I had a bowl of mac and cheese today