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@LizArnone made a super awesome card about feminism a few days ago. I suggest you check it out (I would link it, but the mobile app makes that incredibly difficult *please forgive me*) Anyways I have a few things to add but some other bits will just be reiterated.
1) You can make a funny joke out of literally anything and it doesn't have to be something from the above category... Jokes like "You throw like a girl" or "Boys don't cry" make it seem like it's somehow wrong to be like a girl... and that's not ok... not only does it make young girls question their own abilities and emotions but it also confuses young boys and hurts them by making it harder for them to say how they feel.
2) These things cannot coexist with feminism.
3) Talking about the friend zone like it exists.... again... even as a joke. The friend zone does not exist except to make a woman feel bad for not liking a man when he has feelings for her.
4) As a rule I think feminists should be aware of other causes or things that you may be attributing to in a bad way. Be aware. Also make sure you are aware of how women of color are treated in comparison to white women and help them gain equality too. Feminism is not just for the cisgendered.
5) We don't always have to agree nor do we have to condone the mad actions of someone just because they identify as female.
share your thoughts :)
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Definitely with you here ^_^