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Only because I couldn't wait too long Lol. Enjoy the preview!!!
A light headed vision of my nearest future was always to come and appear in my dreams. I’m not completely sure if what I want is what I really want. And also, I don’t even remember if it’s him or not. Surprisingly enough, I was able to subdue my feelings before it was too late. I was told by a close friend of his named Yugyeom that he had been seeing someone for a long time, but he never told me if it was a girl or a guy. I don’t expect any innocence from his little straight forward face or the fact that he’s a flirt, but I do expect a little bit of respect for MY innocence. He’s not the kind you would want to mess with and surely not the one to fall for. But then again, who wouldn’t fall in love with him, he’s not consequently considered the “loyal” kind and not the type to take shit from anybody. He’s always alerted when someone is speaking about him or planning something against him. I always try to keep my distance but when he gives me one of his “serious-but-playful” looks I can’t take my eyes off of him. I realized what I felt for him was a mistake and that I shouldn’t be falling for one of those playboys. I don’t trust him one bit and if he is to ever speak to me I will make sure he never hears my voice again. Just a few days ago I was also told that the same guy who goes by the name Jackson was not feeling like himself and dramatically changed his hot-shot self to a more calming- “persona” personality. I didn’t believe it if he was in front of me looking at me with a smile that I had never seen before. One that is very rare to see from him is that crooked smile of an innocent guy who has never lost his virginity, but even God knows he lost it a long time ago and no one has a clue of who was it that took it from him. But really, he’s the school’s ultimate play boy and anybody would love to lose their virginity with him, hell, even the guys would secretly enjoy it…... but they will never tell you that in person. It was yet unbelievable that he spoke to me today, sure his only words were “Hello” and “my name is Jackson” but he still talked. He looked at me and waited for an answer so I looked right into his soul and said hello and my name. He said he loved my voice and that I should speak more often. I know he was flirting with me so I kept a straight face and tried hard to look away. But the moment was shorter than I remember because one of his other playboy friends (who ALWAYS get the girls screaming their hairs off) called him over. He looked back at me after speaking to the guy named JB (whatever his real name is) and said that he had to go but he looked at me for longer than 10 seconds and smiled. He gave me a pat on my shoulder and walked off. I should have known better than letting myself speak to him. ~~~~~ “Does it always take you by surprise when he speaks to you? I mean, it can’t be that hard to talk to him…. he’s till human you know.” Bam said to me. “I don’t think you understand, I mean, you are one of his friends… why don’t YOU talk to him?” “Our friendship was broken by some rumors about me dissing him behind his back when really none of that was true in the first place. I tried to explain what really happened but he just wouldn’t listen, so I gave up and for once in my life I don’t feel threatened.” “If you guys were to talk again… don’t you think he would at least accept you back?” “Even if he did he would still suspect me. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if he sends some of his “boys” to spy on my “secret plans”. Why do you care? Are you, for some reason, catching feelings?” “No” “Are you sure? But oh well, the only thing I’m going to make you be aware of is that he’s not to be trusted, believe me, I’m speaking from experience… I was his friend once.” Honestly, why are people acting like he’s some kind of gangster. He’s just another human being living and breathing… he’s not that special. He can’t be that bad.
Kinda remind me of cheese in the trap but got7 version PLEASE MAKE IT END GOOD UN LIKE THE DRAMA PISS ME OFF anyways keep on tagging me
May I be tagged for thus story please! 😄
@UnnieCakesAli you haven't you sure I like your story cause it some what similar only the characters personality so far what I've read so I'm excited for now hehe don't let me down
@twistedPuppy lol i havent even watched Cheese in the trap 😂😂 and dont worry you always will
@DamarisCisneros yes you will 😉