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This show just always gives me the super warm & fuzzies and I can't wait to get more of it ><

**this card contains spoilers for S2 Ep 8 aka EP 20 lol**

Buttttttt finally!! A non-stressful episode!

After the all the on-going tension that we've been facing for the past few weeks, it was really nice to just have a sweet episode where everyone was together again & enjoying themselves.
Really cute interactions all around: Shirayuki and Raj's dance, Shirayuki and Obi making up, Shirayuki and Zen's everything, and even a little moment for Kiki and Mitsuhide!!!! EEEEK. Just perfect.

I liked hearing Shirayuki's backstory!

Pop's seems pretty cool, and even though it's a bit sad that him & Shirayuki never have and probably never will live together, he's got Kazuki, who is a great little brother / son type figure for him. I hope Kazuki makes Pops happy!!

Pops trolling Zen was so great!!!

Seriously, he just wanted to make Zen feel awkward, and it was only made sweeter by the fact that Shirayuki was there to overhear it all. Typical Dad behavior, even if he doesn't really get to be her "dad."

Can we get an OVA of Shirayuki's parents?!

I saw someone suggest this, and now I can't get it out of my mind. Their story is so sweet - Pops saving Mom from a marriage she didn't want, them being banished, finding a new home...having an adorable baby. I'd love it!!!

I still feel bad for Obi.

Obviously, I just don't want him to get Shirayuki because Zen, but still....he really cares about her, really takes pride in his position with Zen & co, and wants to be....well, needed. He is constantly feeling like a failure & like he has to make up for things that he (frankly) didn't do wrong! I just hope Obi gets a happy ending out of everything, even if he likely cannot have Shirayuki (sorry Obi, you can have me?)


So maybe we will get that development that we need / want / crave for! I'm super excited to see where things will lead us.
@LadyLuna See I was like that too but I was glad to be proven wrong. It really is a nice easy romance that is easy to fall in love with.
I love this show!!!! I honestly didn't think I would but its so great!!
this was definitely one of my favorite episodes, you see her dad get some character development and totally troll Zen, Obi gets some screen time and lets his feelings show a bit and we also see Raj's character a bit more. it was definitely a delightful episode.
lol yeah I just adored shirayuki's daddy, this little arc was a treat for me! ^-^
I laughed so hard when pops trolled zen so hard. "I just wanted to try it" hahaha and I love me some obi also ♡.♡
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