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Today, we are all obsessed with everything having to do with kpop. But will we be the same way in 10 years? It's definitely something to think about... Even the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan are already thinking about where they will be in 10 years:

Rap Monster:

"A rich rapper."


"Seargent Kim Seokjin, and when I succeed in Bangtan, I will be a Jin that mothers like watching on TV."


"Dominating the world with music. I want to let the world listen to my music."


"Owner of a duck meat restaurant or a tattooist."


"A cool singer who enjoys the stage."


"I think that all BTS members will be somewhat settled in 10 years."


"Taking my future children, Taekwon and Taegeuk to the zoo to feed pigeons shrimp crackers and being a cool fall guy."
Everyone has a dream(s)...even if you haven't discovered it for yourself, there are things that you are secretly great at. This key to your life will open up doors you could never imagine. Even people who are already living their dream plan on persuing more dreams in the future, like BTS.
Will we even listen to the same music in 10 years? The people currently in our lives that we would do anything for...would we still be there for them in the future? I know, all the changes seem really scary. But thinking about this can also be very eye-opening to some.

Just something to think about...

And I will still be listening to kpop
In ten years I would be 24
I feel like suga would also say he'll be 32 xD #neverforgetthesavage
what about j-hope?!!
Just saying I'm waiting for Jungkook to decide to get tattoos lol I want that to happen 😍 by the way....FEEEEEEEELLLLLLSSSSS!!!!!!!!
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