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yoongi and the tall guy jin I think have been gone for a bit and I wanted to hug yoongi because when I do I always feel safe I remember when we were younger we cuddled when I was bored or when we were watching a moving but it wasn't like how couples do it was how friends cuddle we always have fun "hey (y/n)-ah what are you thinking about" "all the fun me and yoongi had when we were younger and all the funny times and embarrassing moments" "what did yoongi do when he was younger" "well I can tell you now he looked weird his hair reminded me of a wig but I still liked him he is my friend my one and only" "wait so we aren't you're friends" jungkook said pouting
"no non no that's not what I ment I just mean he is important to me he was there when I was lonely and stuff you know he's my best friend so that doesn't mean you guys are my friends " I went to hug him and he stop pouting and jumped on me bedore I could hug him "yah!!! get off she is mine best friend " jungkook still hugged me "do I have to spell it for you M.I.N.E what's that spell mine now get the hell off or else" "or else what hyung" he said with a smirk yoongi did the same but his was wider and scarier "I won't let you talk to GDRAGON in your life" jungkook went stiff and let go of me and walk to the couch and pouted again and I wanted to make him smile again "its OK jungiekookie I will make sure meangi doesn't make you sad ok" "yes wait how old are you" "how old do I look to you" "my age I'm 18" "haha nope I'm 22^ω^" I said and gave a eye smile "so your a noona (๑•ั็ω•็ั๑)" "yup wait how old are you guys" "I'm the oldest I'm 23" jin said "I'm 22 " jhope said and winked at me I started to blush .... a lot well who wouldn't he is very good looking "hi he he im 20 years old " v I think "hey I'm 20 years old as well" jimin then took my hand and kissed looked up at me and winked I blushed but not as much as I did for jhope "hey I'm namjoon leader of the group " "wow that sounds cool" "and you already know how old I am and also you never gave me my hug like you always do" yoongi began to pout and my heart melted
*sigh*"OK yoongi come here"I opened my arms and then he smiled and came to me and I gave him a 2 second hug and left "yah~ do you not love me anymore (y/n)-ah is there someone else" "hmm what do you mean" "are you cheating on me with someone else" "how can I cheat on someone I am not with but even if I were with you I would never do that to you yoongi and you know it, OK now is there anyone that hungry I can cook something if you would like" "oh can you make something with meat please" "sure oppa" *yoongi* when she said oppa my heart skipped like 7 beats and i looked up surprised .like she had never called me that before *uggh! (y/n)-ah what are you doing to me and why is it happening now* next part or not
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