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So everyone knows by now how much Ikon has basically taken over everything for me >_> these kids are driving me insane with everything they do.
But Yunhyeong is seriously so cute and adorkable I can't handle it. He is like the one of the sweetest things ever!
When he was a trainee he almost quite because they have to go through so much and they were all so young!
His love for lip balm is the best thing ever! He is so cute!
He is the second oldest in the group after Jinhwan.
He also happens to think that Big bang is a girls group XD lol
He also really loves Donghyuk to the point they ship themselves together <3 <3 ^_^
People also think him and Chanwoo look alike ( I don't really see it maybe only a little bit but maybe it's just me >_< )
He is seriously too cute ( my three year old is obsessed with him she claims he is hers XD)
I really like him, he's like the happy Virus of the group
he srsly needs more love! i've loved him since WIN and he's just sdljglskdgj;laskjgal adorbs
Ikon Screenshot story game is up ^-^
Him and N would be best friends and connect over the love of lip balm
@kpopandkimchi Exactly! I feel like Him, Donghyuk, and Chanwoo get over looked most of the time!
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