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I'm so excited!!!!!!! I feel like I'm going to cry. I just got my BTS sweatshirt today. I wasn't expecting it until next week but it came early. I was stuck between choosing V (My current bias) or Rap Monster (My bias before V). I chose Rapmon because if it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't be into BTS. You know what they say, "You NEVER forget your first." LOL.
@Emealia Ooooooh @Defy24601 That's what I did with this one. I was scared of ordering clothes offline, for fear that they may be too small.
omg i love it so much!!!
@Defy24601 same thing happen to me with jackson! =( have not worn it yet. Its so huge
Lol I have that one too! I love it
@Orihemay It was a present, it was ordered in a large but I can barely get it over my chest. It fits, kinda, it's just a bit to tight.
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