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And here is my true Waifu Wednesday, Ferris Eris from the Legend of Legendary Heros!
Ferris is an expert swordswoman with unparalleled beauty, who comes from a famous Swords-Clan, the Tsurugi no Ichizoku, who are designated to serve as guards to the King of Roland. She carries a typically emotionless expression, and is extremely proud of her own beauty, and she has every right to be!
She is fanatic about dango, which are Japanese dumplings, and will do almost anything for the sake of them! She would order not just one or two servings but 7 BACKPACKS full of them if not double that which she has done before! In short, she is a beautiful girl who is crazy for dango, and will easily and calmly chopped you in half if you piss her off or mess with her Dango...If you want to live...DO NOT MESS WITH HER DANGO!!!!!
Thanks for giving up a few minutes of your life just to read my cards! Hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think in the comments. Now go make your cards and tag @hikaymm in them so we all can see them! Thanks and see ya!
@assasingod don't lose hope rumours can't always be true.
@Sara3 You're right! I'll make my own season 2 if I must!
@Sara3 awe man, a 2nd season would've been great! Glad you told me, so now I know.
@assasingod I don't think there will be because there were some rumours saying the author died or that it has been dropped for not getting recognition.
@Sara3 the only thing that make sad is that there hasn't been a 2nd season yet!
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