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So I'm sure you've heard about B.A.P's world tour coming up! I'm going to give you the dates:) North America: April 14 - San Francisco April 17 - Los Angeles April 21 - Dallas April 23 - Chicago April 25 - New York April 27 - Atlanta The U.S tour will be managed by Powerhouse. Canada: April 19 - Vancouver (The Orpheum) April 24 - Toronto (Massey Hall) The Canada tour will be managed by KpopMe This is all I have right now, I got all of this from Soompi and if I find out more I will let you all know :)
WOO!!! I probably won't be able to go but its cool they're going to so many countries!!!
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@kpopandkimchi I know! I can't go but I wanted to be sure anyone who plans on going knows where they'll be
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