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Hi my name is Anna and this is my first card! I have been floating around in the shadows for awhile now but I want to become more active and meet new people :)
1. How I will die. Electric Shock - f(x) Ouch haha!
2. My love life. 2 cool 4 skool - BTS Is this good or bad? Haha maybe I have so many dudes lined up that I don't have time for school.
3. Play at my wedding. Tender love - Exo I love this song and I would totaly jam out to it as my first dance song!
4. Add "In my pants" to the end. GG Be (지지베) - Seungri GG Be in my pants? That doesn't really make a lot of sense lol
5. At my funeral. Still Alive - Bigbang Ha jokes on you guys! I'M STILL ALIVE!
6. Add "With a shovel and a screwdriver" on the end. LaLaLa - Bigbang LaLaLa with a shovel and a screwdriver... okay then haha
7. Describes my week. Hide and Seek - CNBLUE My week has been a bit crazy.
8. Theme song. Fire Alarm - Girls' Generation
9. When I think of someone I love. BangBangBang - Bigbang If you know what I mean ;)
10. When I miss someone. Sober - Bigbang This is honestly one of my favorite songs ever!
Thanks for reading! And don't be afraid to hit me up in the comments! I'm a really nice person I swear haha
1. Boom Boom- Super Junior 2. Cypher pt. 3 - BTS 3. You Think - Girls Generation 4. Run "in my pants" - EXO 5. It's You - Super Junior 6. Don't Flirt "with a shovel and a screwdriver" - Winner 7. Try Hard - BTS 8. I'm Your Man - 2pm 9. I Wanna Love You - Donghae & Eunhyuk 10. Hold Me Tight - BTS
Bangbangbang made me laugh so hard 😂😂
I'll die (Tomorrow- BTS). My love life is (Growl- EXO-M) (So Dangerous- Up10tion) will play at my wedding. (Ringa Linga- Taeyang) in my pants? (Demomstrate- Rania) will play at my funeral. (Playback- Playback) with a shovel and screwdriver. My week was (Rock- Seventeen) (Love Is Not Over- BTS) is my theme song...that's actually accurate. I LOVE LOVE!!! (Satori Rap- BTS) is what I play when I think of someone I love. (Blue Moon- Monsta X) is what I play when I miss someone. *I laughed too hard at the Ringa Linga one*
ah this is a cool idea I will do it soon as well. some of your results were really uncanny! nice card :)
baby don't cry-exo 3.6.5-exo I am the best-2ne1 beautiful -exo run -bts crayon-GD 143-henry trap-henry sober big bang baby goodnightGD &TOP
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