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Chapter 7~ Chen

~1992 Almaty~

As we teleported in Almaty. The clouds become dark and the sun hid behind the clouds. There was a loud bang of thunder and lightening followed after. I was standing on the roof of a building that had bedding sheets hanging to dry. The wind started to blow, I saw a small shelter area. I took one of the sheets and walked under the shelter as the rain started to pour. I set Jongdae down on the ground with his blanket and the sheet. "My sweet Jongdae, I hope you live your life to the fullest and find your siblings when your older. I love each one of equally. When the time comes you will be the prince's of Exo planet. Stay safe my Chen, I love you." I said as he fell asleep. But when I was about to walk away he woke up and started to cry. I turned back around to look at him as he gave me a smile. Picking him up, I held him close to give him warmth so he won't freeze in the rain. When I was going to set him down again he would start crying. I looked at him and he looked at me and giggled, but as soon as I tried to set him down again he started to cry again. "Serious son, I need to get Chanyeol to his new home and you want to troll me with your fake cries when I try to set you down." I said to him as he giggled at him like he understood every word I said. I shook my head and put him down for the last time. " I love you Chen. please don't give your brothers a hard time." I said one last time and left him. His cries harmonize with the rain as took one last glance at where he is and teleported with Chanyeol. ~Person p.o.v~ The rain stopped and I went up to the roof. I knew I was going to have to wash the sheets again because the rain. I climbed up the stairs and opened the roof door. I took my basket in my hand and started to pull the sheets off the clothing line. As I pulled one down, I saw something that caught my eyes. It was a basket with one of my sheets. I creeped closer and looked in the basket. I expected that nothing was in there but I was wrong when I saw a small boy. "Oh my" I said as I dropped my basket and went to the small child. I lifted him to see if he was still alive. I was relieved when I saw he was breathing. I took a long glance at him. He was a gorgeous baby. My eyes traveled down his small body to make sure he was not hurt but I saw the necklace around his neck. I picked up the pendent and let my fingertips glaze over it. I brought it closer to my face so I can study it. What I didn't expect was a vision to happen when I touch the pendent. I saw about seven other little boys. Some where with other adults but then it showed a gorgeous lady. I assumed that this was the lady who left the child here. When my vision came back. I was gasping for air. I looked at the child and debated to call the police or not. Once I made up my mind, I picked the child up and went to my apartment, were we will start our life together as one.
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