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These are the 12 Kpop Idols that I personally think have beautiful eye smiles and these are my favorite idols.
This is BTS✋🏻as many already know and love. I think Rap Monster and Jungkook have perfect smiles....and dimples🙌🏻
This is Infinite💯. I think Woohyun and L are handsome when they smile. I mean who wouldn't fall for them😇 especially during Woohyun's drama with one of his member named Sungyeol in the drama called "High School Love On" This came out about a year ago, so make sure you go watch it if you haven't already.
Now this is my new group, so I added more photos than all of the other ones, I had fallen for...Astro⭐️(Like OMG they are so CUTE and so HANDSOME, I don't know them as much...yet). They are new this year, so not many may know them as well. This is Jin Jin and Cha Eun Woo. The last picture is Jin Jin and Yoon San Ha together laughing.
This is Girls Generation A.K.A SNSD. This may be the most known girl group in Korea. The two girls are Sunny and Tiffany. There have been many article on Tiffany about her eye smile, so she is pretty much the first thing that come to my mind when I think of eye smiles. If you search up "Eye Smile" on the Internet, Tiffany and some other comes up😯
This is AOA👼🏻 and this is Mina and Hyejeong. This group has the most trending idol in Korea right now and it's......Seolhyun! if any of you guys didn't know she was part of this group than you are slow, but anyways all of you guys should know. She's trending💁🏻
This is Apink💋 and the two pretty girls are Bomi (I remembered her has the goofy one in the group) and EunJi. They are really funny in my opinion, I like Bomi because of her silliness on variety shows like Weekly Idol.
If you have someone that I had not mentioned then please mention him or her, so I would fall in love with more idols. Thank you to anyone who took time to even look at this! 🙌🏼
Chen from exo. His smile kills me
Youngjae from GOT7 has the cutest eye smile I've ever seen!
YES! Woohyun was the first eye smile i fell for :)