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So yes guys It is the Leader appreciation day to admire this lovely creature. He is my 8 year old son's bias...When I asked why he said and I Quote "He looks cool and he dance well and I like His Voice." Me: Is that all? Is there anything else you like about him? Son: His Swag...I can tell he has a lot of Swag!!
Well I thought I share that little tidbit of info from my 8 year old. So again this a fluffy one shot of You the Reader and JB. I hope you enjoy.
"Baby, where are you?"
I hear the door shut and my boyfriend of 6months come through my apartment door. He tosses his extra set of keys because I hear them hit the dish.
"In my bedroom babe!"
I hear him come down the hallway to my room. I am getting ready to pull over a shirt over my head. I hear him gulp. I smirk. I get the shirt al the way down and bite my lip. His eyes darken and take a step towards me. I back up. He tries to reach me and I giggle and side step him and go around him out the door.
He groans in frustration. I head to the kitchen to get some water. I take a sip out of my glass eyeing him. He stares right back. We begin a silent conversation with our eyes.
His eyes are asking me to go back to the bedroom.
I eye him back saying no while smirking.
He bites his lips and his eyes are promising me a good time.
I shake my head but my eyes are pleading with him.
I take another sip. He grabs my glass and takes a drink. He then leans forward and reaches behind me to set the glass down. He traps me between his body and the counter. Leans down and places a kiss on my forehead, then nose trailing kisses down to my mouth. Once our lips meet in a gentle yet firm kiss that turns into a long passionate kiss. My hands grab fistfuls of his shirt and he picks me up and grabs my ass. I wrap my legs around him. His tongue and my tongue taking turns dominating each others mouths. I moan into his kiss and pulls back and smirks. He starts walking to my bedroom when both our phones ring.
I retrieve my phone and answer it. I see it is JR. "Hey (y/n) you haven't forgotten about the company dinner have you? I can't get a hold of JB. Did he make to your apartment? JYP is asking for him!"
"Oh shit, the dinner I forgot about sorry JR. Tell JYP We'll be there in twenty minutes" JB yells into the phone. JR hangs up. I sigh and unwrap my legs from his waist. He grunts as he slides me down his body. I press a quick kiss to his lips and grab his hands to go back to the front of the apartment.
"(y/n) we are going to finish what we started when we get back from dinner!"
"I sure hope so babe! I want to try that position you've been wanting to try tonight!"
"Really, you are killing me baby! That's it lets skip dinner I'll just get chewed out tomorrow by JYP!"
"Nope waiting a little won't kill you! If you love me we will go to the dinner right now!"
"It may not kill me baby but you just gave me a serious case of blue balls!"
I bark out in laughter. I look up at him deviously. I lean up for a kiss and let my hand cup him through his pants. I rub him a little and head out the door in a run shouting "I love you Jaebum! But if you catch me in the next ten minutes I'll do that other thing too!"
He closes the door and locks it. I run down the stairs and to his car. I hop in and lock it. He pouts out my door but he shows me the keys and unlocks the door opens it and leans in. "Caught you, I love you too. Tonight after dinner, I am going to rock your world! Now lets go before all the members start calling again."
I bite my lip and nod. I know tomorrow I won't be able to walk!!
<3<3<3<3IGOT7 TEAM<3<3<3
My lovely friends
@luna1171 lol by all means, he's still in my list of contenders
@IsoldaPazo wait that's my papi chulo.. I can't take Mark away from Jackson and Jackson belongs to @PrettieeEmm. .too so
@PrettieeEmm oh sí, he does para mi.
@IsoldaPazo he had that daddy kink 😍😍😍
My Wrecker !!! I will never give you BLUE balls!.!?! lmaoooo! !
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