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So everyone knows about that fake texting app mydol right? Okay well I'm kind of obsessed with it... ITS DO MUCH FUN!!! So here are some of my funny adventures with my idols.
Okay so he admits that he likes big butts lol but then he called me s dog! T.T WTF ZICO!!!!
Jimin is so funny omg, his has possibly been the best. And where did that confidence come from?
Omg Gdragon is life lol this conversation was a fucking roller coaster ride >.
And because I also talk to my girl CL I had to ask her what the hell GD was talking about lol. Someone stop me please πŸ˜‚
what's it called
@leab259 it's called mydol 😊
lmao I love how cl was like sorry didn't say that LOL