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Oooooh this looks promising. Hm? Who would I choose? Thumbs up to @LadyLuna for starting this and @amobigbang for tagging me.
Marvel Jean Grey/Phoenix Why? Well for starters she's an Omega-Level Mutant!!! She's waaaay up there on the power scale. Her telekinetic and telepathic powers are at its highest potential. And when Jean loses it and becomes Phoenix, back away! You do NOT wanna be on her bad side.
Dinah Lance II/Black Canary I freakin LOVE her! She's my absolute favorite DC heroine! She's mastered several martial arts, intelligent, AND let's not forget her Canary Cry. Dinah just oozes awesomeness. I'd want her on my team just to get an autograph!
Solid Snake First let me say...I dunno video games. I don't play video games and I'm not good at them. The only game I can really remember playing as a kid were Nintendo games like Pokemon and Sims for PSP. Other than that, I've never played a video game in years. So I went to my boyfriend for this and he gave me Solid Snake. So according to some research, Solid Snake is pretty badass. He's a former special ops soldier, has an IQ of 180, and speaks 6 languages. Snake would be very useful to the group.
Homura Akemi or Edward Elric I can't decide between these two so I'm gonna make it like a tag team. If one of them can't do a mission for some reason, the other would take over. Homura Akemi can control time! She can stop it and do whatever. Sure she can only go back to the week before she between school, but even so, she can use her prior knowledge of such events to stop things from happening...100 times. Yes, her time stopping is limited to the "sand" in her time shield BUT she is now a DEMON! She took a part of Madoka's god powers and used it to become a demon! Homura would be a great member of the team. What can I say about Edward Elric? He's a freakin alchemy prodigy with genius level intellect! While other alchemists have to have an alchemical rune or array that must be drawn, Ed only has to clap his hands together and use his will in place of the runes. He is able to transmute anything that has to do with metal or earth which is really cool and uses it to its full potential. He can basically create a weapon from the ground like a sword or a spear! (Btw I'm referring to Brotherhood/manga, NOT the 2003 series) Lets also not forget what happens when you call him S.H.O.R.T.
@CreeTheOtaku @redapple615 in a previous card I answered me myself and I because when I was a kid I dreamed I was superman (DC) in my imagination I could kick hulks ass (marvel) and seeing as how I controlled every video character I ever played I figured I had it covered. but I left out the anime part so I would choose Ryoko from the tenchi muyo ryo-ohki ova
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I miss seeing snake on smash
I know I already picked my team but here's B team. Magneto, Darkseid, Twilight Princess Link, and Erza Scarlet.
hulk superman Kratos zoro
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