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@Straightshooter lol that was the MOST distracting part of the movie. I kept hoping she'd use one of the heels to stab one of the dinos or something but no
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XD HAHAHA!! My friends girlfriend was like "That scene pissed me off! aint no chick running in high heels and looking that good while doing it!" XD I laughed so hard.
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@Straightshooter speaking from personal experience it is possible to run in them, but you're more likely to injure yourself or break the shoe, and it'll definitely slow you down. Unless you're walking across glass or something you'll be better off barefoot. Tbh I'm mostly surprised she didn't have a pair of flats in her purse, pretty much everyone I know does that when they wear heels XD
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lol. i wonder how many people are going to try to run in heels now. the orthopedics will be getting more business I'm sure.
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