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this is my squad! Kpop squad! I have meet each one of them (besides my sister) through kpop all night in Dallas! And I absolutely love them! I talk to them more then any of my friends! We all get each other and we all mesh so well! Like I really could not ask for better group of girls to have as my besties! And each time they have kpop nights I hope to meet more! Friends made over kpop are the best! #KSquad #bffs
omg this is awesome! what did they have at kpop night? i feel like im such an "online only" kpop fan that i'd be super awkward in real life hahahaha
I think I might have seen you there... I'm not sure, I might have to show you a picture of me there.
Thats so cool! I feel like I'd be hard to talk to people but thats awesome that you had so much fun!!!!
@kpopandkimchi I'm socially awkward all around, so you actually fit in, lol they played a lot of kpop, the first night back in November they just played kpop, this last one they had actually had the hi life boys come preform for us! Cause G2 is from Dallas! So that was amazing haha
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