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50% Off Free!
Anyone here watch 50% Off? If not you should check it out on YouTube. I have to warn you there is some bad language and adult humor. For those of you who don't know it's an abridged series of the anime Free! Here's some quotes I found, enjoy! @shagnasty360
Here's Nagisa our little thug seme. He's my personal favorite
This is Haru, Haru and Haru
Anyone get the reference?
Sorry Rin
This is the cover Octopimp, the creators of 50% off, did of Splash Free
Definitely check them out if you haven't already
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lol! freaking Mako-chan is so funny!!!馃槅 I also like it when Haru has those inner mind battles and the usurper thing hahaha!
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@Moonpie15b "crap, what does this say?" "I don't know Haru, one of you shot the Haru that can read" "Why don't we ask Makoto? " "no, the Nagisa will laugh at us"
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@JessicaFerrier " this reminds me of prison...this reminds me of prison...oh oh this DEFINITELY reminds me of prison" " nagisa that's a picture of us as kids!" " oh, heh, yeah it is, look at that little pimp, he's gonna grow up to be a prison *ss mf"
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@kazam98 this is what I was talking about
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