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Recently my 12 year old daughter Ellianna, "Ellie" to most people, had some pretty tough exams to take. So she used the down time in between to illustrate the very real struggle that goes on for people diagnosed with ADD/ADHD in this setting. I also have ADD so this was very powerful to me. I realize I'm biased cuz shes my daughter but I was so impressed with how well she explained the struggle! I got her permission to share this with the Vingle Community. Let me know what you think?
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@arshada then your obviously a creative person as my daughter is! thanks!
Your daughter is very observant and has addressed an issue many of us struggle with on a daily basis. She will now find her path
thank you @Raindance . She's been showing signs of intuitiveness since she was 3 esp wlregarding people. Although she is an introvert as well like me. She's really gifted at writing stories. I'm always left in awe that my 12 yr old wrote that!
Very often,2Distracted, the young are our teachers
@Raindance oh my is that the truth!!!