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Ok, there's a few things you need to know about me 1) BEAST is my ultimate bias group 2) I am a sucker for ballad groups If you don't know VOS well shame on you they have such amazing voices and they just released a teaser to a surprise event they did!!
The teaser showcases them performing at a wedding, presumably singing the song "같이살자" or "Let's Live Together". You get to hear their amazing voices at ~0:23
If you don't know who they are here's a song they sang on the show Immortal Songs and it makes me cry everytime

"같이살자" will be March 4th, 12pm!!!

Any VOS fans out there??
@EmilyGardner @IsoldaPazo so many fans!! omg this is amazing!!
thanks I might check them out
@JessicaVang and yes omg that song is just so beautifully sad
@sherrysahar yes 😍😍 welcome to the fandom 😊😊 ehehe
@SHINeeIngGirl yesss!!! spread the wordddd their voices are beauty
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