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I think it complements my life pretty well teehee the second video has the lyrics, in case you were wondering.
# 1. The song that describes how you will die. BTS- hold me tight If they hold me tight for one second, I would happily die in their arms. Especially, Rapmon Namjoonie
# 2. This songs describes your love life. BTS-BEAUTIFUL My love life is beautiful. Beautifully lonely that is, I got no one, not even a boytoy. Well, only in my dreams with my biases, kekekke.
# 3. This song will play at your wedding. MyName-Just Tell Me This song is perfect for me and my future husband, he be like are you angry? Me? No, but u sleeping on the couch tonight. GIRL, JUST TELL ME, WHAT I DID LOL
# 4. Add " In my pants" at the end of this song. Boyfriend-Bounce "in my pants" Don't mind if I do, Bounce up in your pants, that is. I hope there's enough room. ;)
# 5. This song will play at your funeral. Speed-What U This is for my family to know that I'm done with them and ill be in heaven, chilling like a villain.
# 6. Add " with a shovel and screwdriver" to this song. Jieun Song- 25 "with a shovel and screwdriver" If only I was 25 that would be funny, but I'm only 23, get it right song jieun! don't make me use this shovel and screwdriver.
# 7. This song describes your week. Shim Eun Kyung-Raindrop Such a poor forecast, not a single drop of rain in my neighborhood of Florida. wish my song was, it's raining men, hallelujah by the weather girls. that would be a welcomed forecast. *** add korean in front of men and ill be in paradise.
# 8. This is your theme song. Exo-k- History Heck Yeah, this is my jam. I make history everyday. ..... not really but that's my theme song.
# 9. This song will play when you think of someone you love. Maroon5- Sugar If I did have someone, prolly Rapmonster, Kris, JB, JUNHO 2pm, this I'd be proposing with.
# 10. This song will play when you miss someone. Shinee- View I be like, yes, I like the view of my boo, Jun.K. But then turn around cuz I wanna see this beautiful view too. hahhahaha