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Because of @kpopandkimchi I decided to create my own card on some lesser know but still awesome kpop groups and their dancing skills.
Toppdogg and their song Arario. There are so many members that it seems like a lot is going on but their synchronization is fun to watch. Their incorporation of fans and masks make the dance even more cooler!
Speed and their song What U. People probably know it as the heelys dance but it is cooler nonetheless. I dont know about you but I would fall in the first 3 seconds attempting this dance in heelys.
B.I.G and their song Are You Ready is such a cute song. I love the way this group flows from one formation to the next and in such synchronization.
BTL and their song Too G. I couldnt find a dance version of this song but the parts you see in the MV are so awesome. Their coreography works so well with this song too!
Up10tion and their song So Dangerous. When I first saw this group when they debuted the first thing I noticed was their dancing. It so fresh and sycronized that I ended up watching the MV about 20 times.
Lastly Madtown and their song Yolo. This song first of all is super catchy but their dancing is also cool. They have more simple movements that it makes it seem like I could dance to it too! (which I could never do)
There are tons of lesser known groups out there with killer moves you just gott search hard enough!
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