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날씨도 좋고 ^^ 헨리 기사까지 와우! 손가락 누가 그케 깨물래ㅋㅋㅋ SM 13년만의 솔로란 그 타이틀 이상의 퀄리티라~ 형은 같은 멤버로서 완전 자랑스럽다 ^^ 사랑해 Henry ~ <3 The weather is great ^^ and Henry's articles too, wow! Who told you to bite your finger like that kkkk Quality beyond the title of "SM's First Solo in 13 Years"~ Hyung, as a fellow member, is very proud ^^ I love you Henry ~ <3 (6 hours ago) 오늘은 좀 쉬고 싶다~ 장윤정누나 힐링캠프 보면서 나도 저렇게 긍정적인 사람 돼야지 생각했었는데.. 나나 잘해야지~ ^^ 안녕 ~ I want to rest a bit today~ While watching Jang YunJeong noona's Healing Camp episode, I thought I should become an optimistic person like her.. I should worry about doing well myself~ ^^ Bye ~ (1 hour ago)