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This One Was Too Good To Pass Up.

Am I the only one who has a gaming OCD where all of my armor needs to match? I mean, I know it usually means I have to take a stats hit, but at least my boots match my shield.
@Danse Full suit of iron armor: +10 defense Leather bikini: +200 defense, and somehow heals you over time.
@danidee Isn't there some unwritten rule that states the less armor and more nakedness a female character has the more badassery she insues? 😎
@Danse It's always funny playing female characters with mismatching armor. I'm like, half-naked vs. half-extremely clothed.
Dood totally hahahaha but I don't mind being a badass hodge podge if I have too haha 😆 And dat Hello Kitty. 👌👌
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The Warcraft Movie set the Internet on Fire
Zug-Zug! At last week's San Diego Comic Con, Blizzard stoked the fan fires surrounding the immenent release of the Warcraft film with the unveiling of the trailer for the attending crowd. In cooperation with Legendary Pictures, the film was first announced back in 2006, though filming did not begin until 2014. Based on the games, the movie will take place around the first meeting between the Orcs and the Humans, as the Orcs desperately seek to escape Draenor, their crumbling homeworld. Making use of demonic energies, a portal is opened between Draenor and Azeroth, where the humans reside. Not keen on the invading Orc Horde, the Humans engage in battle to drive them out, beginning a long history of hatred between the two races. Fans of the games will have a lot to be excited about, with characters like Medivh and Durotar taking the stage. Though people who have never been exposed to Warcraft will also enjoy the film as an epic fantasy adventure movie. The trailer footage quickly found its way online vis a vis audience members who filmed it on their phones, and just as quickly it was taken down from all hosting sites by Blizzard, who intend to release the full trailer sometime in November of this year. Despite not being able to see the leaked trailer, however, there is still a lot of details to read about and watch regarding the film. The film had a panel at SDCC where the director Duncan Jones and the cast came to answer questions about the film. The film was originally slated for a summer 2015 release, though it has been pushed back to 2016, so as to fine-tune the effects and make the film as close to perfect as they can. The film will feature heavy use of CGI to render the Orcs and other fell creatures, and painstaking efforts have been taken to ensure that it is as beautiful as possible. Until the trailer is officially released, ease your anticipation (or grow it) by checking out the film's panel discussion:
작화연습 - 스랄!
한달 전, 월드 오브 워크래프트 스토리의 큰 비중을 차지했던 전 호드 대 족장 스랄을 생각하며,  주술사를 새롭게 키워 만랩을  찍게 되었습니다. (나름 게임의 스토리텔링이 좋아서 공부한다는 생각으로...) 하지만, 랩업하며 만랩을 찍는 과정은 재밌었으나, 만랩 이후, 다른 직업군에 비해 굉장히 구린 성능으로  블리자드의 버림을 받은 듯했던 주술사... (최근 패치로 인해 많은 부분 보완되었지만, 아직도 유저들의 인식은..ㅠㅠ) 그래서,,, 주술사를 위한 와우 웹툰을 그려볼까? 하고 생각을 하게 되었고, 이번 스랄 모작을 하게 되었습니다!ㅎㅎ 막상 그리고 나니, 시간도 생각보다 오래 걸리고,  아직도 부족한 부분이 많다는 걸 새삼 또 깨닫게 되었습니다.ㅠ 하지만 우리 스랄형님이 멋있어 보이니 만족스럽네요!ㅎㅎ . . . 사실은... 와우 툰을 그려볼까? 생각하고  가장 먼저 저의 고양 주술사 캐릭터를 그려보았는데, 나름 캐릭터 선택 화면을 모작하고 이펙트를 줘 봤습니다만,,,, 결과가 너무 허접해서... 급하게 스랄 형님을 그려보면서 작화 연습을 하게 되었던 것입니다!... ㅠ 이거랑 비교해 보면 스랄형님은 정말 멋있군요ㅎㅎ 만약 와우 웹툰을 그리게 된다면, 이번 작화 연습이 큰 도움이 될 것 같습니다!
Ever Get Chased Down By An Orc Before?
I know we've got quite a few other people into MMORPGs around here, so when I saw the new collaboration commercial the Blizzard animation team released with Intel, I was like "VINGLE. THIS NEEDS TO BE ON VINGLE." So it's safe to say the Warcraft movie was kind of a dud, right? But it's also safe to say it was HUGE in mainland China, which a lot of movie critics say is due to the saturation of regional film promotion. (Plus, China loves its MMOs. But that's besides the point.) But I feel like if this commercial was a full-length film, Warcraft would have been SO much bigger in America. You guys know that part in Jumanji where all the animals are just bursting through the wall and spilling out onto the street? Yeah, just imagine that with an aggressive-looking 8-foot orc, and you've got this crazy new commercial. You guys, I'm pretty sure if I saw an orc bust through a building, land right in front of me, and let out some crazy orcish battle roar, I would probably pee my pants. At least. Anyway, the commercial is an amazing example of the skills of Blizzard's CGI animation team, and if you didn't really LOVE the Warcraft movie, the least that you could give it was that the visuals themselves were at least 10,000% super sick to see in action. Check out the full commercial above and then let me know: How would YOU react to being hunted down by an orc? Do you think you could avoid him? (Also, admit it: How many of you guys have played WoW before?)