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My marvel character is no other then Ghost Rider / Johnny blaze. A man who made a deal with the devil himself to save his father. but ending up working for the devil to take sent some evil spirit s or demons back to where they belong but in the end turn on devil in the end. Who said you can't kill the devil.
My Dc character is my all time favorite villain from Batman other then Harley. That's right everyone its Deathstroke. A great fighter and not someone who should be taken up lightly.
My game character is no other Sephiroth. A class level one soilder who went evil do to knowing the truth of his becoming. he is another one that should no be taking lightly and is not afraid to kill anyone that's in his way. he is also someone i would not like to meet in a dark alley at all
the last character that will be join is no other then Kenpachi Zaraki aka Kenny. A man who is a Shinigami and wears bells on his hair for his opponents can hear him. He is one of the strongest reapers in the soul society who loves a good battle and onces he sees you worthy of fighting him he will not leave you alone at all.
My team would have to be The Flash, Deadpool, Natsu and Dante (DMC games). It would be filled with banter 24/7 but they would all also wreck any enemy as they are amazing fighters.
Great team! Would love to see em in action!
oooh solid team! I feel like everything's gonna be on fire whenever they pass through
@poojas thank you so much and I would too it be fun to watch them fight togther
@shannonl5 yup pretty much