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Summary: Nanami may be little, but she is far from fragile. She is witty, sassy, and dangerous. She runs her own group of criminals and has been known to love anything and everything shiny, but she will not pay for any of it. She is a thief, and a good one at that. When some of her boys get captured by the police she has to make up her mind to either cancel the heist or find replacements. Just in time, her new neighbors move in and capture her attention with their raw talent. She decides the heist will continue, but how to get the boys to join? Blackmail of course.
Now just to clear this up. The boy's personalities might be a bit different from what they are like in real life, but I do not personally know them and this a FICTION story. Please take this into account as you read. Thank You.
All Parts of this story are here ~~> Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
Jin watched as she carried a box into the warehouse. Her face contorted into a look of pain but the moment someone would pass by her she would smile brightly like nothing bothered her. He folded his arms over his chest a scowl on his face. He wasn’t sure if it was pride in not letting people see her weak or that she didn’t want people to worry about her, but she clearly was not ok. Who would be after only being stabbed two nights before. Her wound was nowhere near being healed and she was pushing herself too much. Her look in front of Levi was even more exaggerated and he watched as she bit into her lip to keep from letting out tears of pain as she walked away.
After watching this game for over five minutes he had reached his limit. Jin angrily stomped down the path and grabbed on to Nanami’s arm. “Come on.”
She looked at him curiously and pulled her arm away. “I have work to do sexy, how about we play later?” She shot him a flirtatious smirk but instead of making him blush like he normally would have; he only became angrier. She was even trying to make him think she was ok, when he knew fully well that she wasn’t.
The others had stopped and were watching them curiously now. Jin sighed loudly and shook his head as he moved to lift Nanami off of the ground. She looked up at him in shock as he carried her into the warehouse and through the doors to the sleeping quarters. “Well you are feisty and demanding aren’t you?” She asked smiling up at him as he laid her in the bed.
“You can stop now.” He stated simply and moved to sit on the bed next to hers.
She looked at him confused. “Stop what?”
“Pretending to be okay when I know you aren’t.”
She laughed and shook her hand in front of her. “No, No, I am fine. It will take a lot more to take me down than this.”
Jin glared at her and shook his head. “No you are not. You might be able to fool everyone else into thinking you are some super human who isn’t ever hurt, but you won’t fool me.” He stood up and left the room for a moment coming back with a first aid kit.
“Let me see it. We need to change your bandages you are bleeding through.”
Nanami’s eyes flew down to look at her pink shirt spotted with dots of blood. She hadn’t even realized that she had pushed herself far enough for her stitches to rip open again.
Her face fell and she turned not looking at Jin. No one had ever read through her smile, but he had. In all honesty, she wasn’t sure how to take him at the moment. She had always put up a brave front for everyone and it had become strange since he noticed her lie.
Jin gently lifted up her shirt so he could address the bandaged around her stomach. His fingers gently brushed against her skin as he removed the soaked bandage and softly cleaned the area around the wound. “Lay down so I can look at the stitches.” He said firmly causing Nanami to obey and lay back on the bed. “You ripped open the stitches so I will have to restitch them.”
Nanami’s eyes widened and she moved to pull away from him. “Would you rather I go tell Levi that you have been pretending to be ok and that you are actually causing yourself more pain?” Nanami froze and bit her lip. He was right. If he told Levi that she had ripped open her stitches, Levi would be very upset. Nanami laid still her eyes focused on the ceiling.
Jin pulled some tiny scissors out of the first aid kit and moved over to stitches. “Why are you pushing yourself so hard? You are wounded and should rest like you need to.”
Nanami shook her head. “I can’t let Levi see me hurting, let alone little Kookie. He is finally starting to smile again. I am a leader and the only family Levi has, I can’t let something like this hold me down.” Nanami sucked in air through her teeth when Jin stuck the needle through.
“You won’t heal properly if you don’t get any rest, and you refuse to let Levi see you in a state of weakness.” He shook his head as he poked the needle through again. “What are you going to do then? You won’t be able to do the heist if you aren’t in top shape.”
“I can deal with it, don’t worry your pretty head about it.” Nanami smiled at Jin before wincing as the needle went through again.
“I am going to worry about it, because you don’t even worry about yourself it seems. Someone needs to make sure you don’t kill yourself.” He pushed the needle the last time and tied off the end. “Sit up.”
Nanami sat up and looked at him. She wasn’t able to order him around or get him to give her her way. Biting her lip, she looked at him as he reached around her. He smelled sweet and she leaned even closer into him as he rebadged her wound. No one ever took care of her like this, no one ever worried for her like this. She looked at him curiously trying to figure out why he was different from the others she had dealt with in her past.
He moved to pull her shirt down over her new bandages and Nanami took the chance to lean in and place a soft kiss on his lips. She was too curious to see what his reaction would be.
Jin froze and just stared at her, his hands still holding her shirt. She smirked and pulled him closer kissing him again and when he opened his mouth to gasp she took the chance to let her tongue slip in and tangle with his.
His mind went blank and before he realized what he was doing he had wrapped his arms around her waist and started to kiss her back. His heart beat quickly and as their tongue danced together he moved to lean over her on the bed. The kiss became more heated and he was whipped back to reality when she bit his lip. He hurriedly pulled back and jumped away from the bed. Nanami giggled and reached up to touch her lips. “Mm we should have done that sooner sexy.”
Jin’s cheeks turned bright red and he cleared his throat before turning to leave the room. “Stay in here and get some rest, I will unload your boxes for you.” With that he left the room.
Nanami laid back down her fingers moving back up to her still tingling lips. “Well isn’t this interesting.” She smirked to herself as she decided to make Jin her target. No one had made her heart leap like that with just a kiss, and she wanted to see just how much this boy affected her.
The next week Nanami noticed that Jin wouldn’t come into the room anymore. He had told Namjoon to take care of changing her bandages. She wondered why he had decided to keep such a far distance.
Namjoon walked into the room and Nanami smiled brightly. “Jin send you in again?” He only grunted his response and moved to start working on changing the bandage and looking at how the area was healing. “Why won’t he come see me anymore?” She asked curiously.
“He says you are trouble.” He stated simply.
Nanami laughed and nodded her head. “He may just be right there.” It was true. Even if she did pursue this strange feeling she got when she was with him, it would only come to an end when her and Levi had to flee the country yet again. It was probably better for the aspiring idol if she kept her distance. Namjoon told her that it looked like she was healing well and that she should be completely healed soon if she made sure she didn’t push herself.
The moment he left the room she smirked and stood up stretching carefully. She had taken his words as a pass to stop lying about and get back to work. She did have seven rookies to train and a heist to plot. What kind of leader just lays about when they have roughly a month until the big day?
She straightened her shoulders and smiled brightly as she headed for the door. Her feet had barely stepped out of the room when she was almost run over by a little golden maknae. “Noona!” he almost screamed as he moved to help her back up onto her feet. She rubbed her bum and wondered why the little one always seemed to cause her trouble while the oldest one always seemed to ignore her. “You shouldn’t be out of bed.” He said looking around like he was keeping out an eye for someone.
Nanami looked around to see if someone was around. “Who are you looking for Kookie?”
“Jin Hyung said you are not allowed to get out of bed and if we see you up and about we are supposed to tell him.
Nanami laughed and told the little Kookie that it would be okay. She was now determined to not stay in bed. If he refused to come, see her anymore then she was going to draw his attention in any way that she could. She waltzed around the warehouse looking at how they had set things up. Each boy she ran crossed would tell her she needed to go back to bed and rest like Jin had said and that only made her add more of a hop to her step.
“Mi!” Nanami turned around and smiled at Levi as she ran up to her. “Are you feeling better? Jin said you were feeling sick and that you needed to stay in bed without any distractions from your sleep.”
Ah, that was how he talked Levi out of coming into the room. Clever, she thought to herself before smiling at the girl with a lollipop sticking out of her mouth. “I am all better now, no worries.”
“No you are not.”
Nanami smirked as she turned to be met by the scowl on Jin’ face. “Hey doctor said if I take it easy I will be healed in no time flat.”
Jin pursed his lips and mumbled something about twisting words. “You are not well enough to be up and running around.”
“Technically I wasn’t running. I was just walking and stopped to talk to Levi here.” Levi raised an eyebrow looking back and forth between the two wondering what she was missing.
“You know what I meant.”
“How am I supposed to know what you meant if you didn’t technically say what it was you meant.” Jin rolled his eyes and sighed taking Nanami’s hand and pulling her gently back to the room. “Bye Levi! See you later love!” Levi shook her head and laughed heading back to work.
He pulled her towards the bed and lifted her almost effortlessly setting her back on the bed. “You need more rest.”
“How would you know? You haven’t seen my wound and I have been cooped up in here for over a week. I should be well enough to at least move around.” Jin wouldn’t look at her and she smirked. “You aren’t worried about how my wound is healing, you don’t want me around you and the rest of the boys do you?”
Jin nodded his head. “You are going to leave after the heist and some of the boys have started to grow attached to you.”
Nanami smirked. “Some of the boys? Don’t you mean you?” Nanami moved from the bed and closed the space between them. “What’s wrong with a little bit of fun now and then Jinie?”
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