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so I realized I forgot to post a card with info on him so my first card today will be an introduction to him. I am about to make you all thirsty for Jr. too. Don't worry I will be doing several cards today and one will definitely be a one shot just not this card.

Birthname: Park Jin Young Birthday: 9/22/94 Stage Name: Jr. Nickname: Jirongie Position: Lead Vocalist, Rapper Height: 178 cm aka blood type: O Nationality Korean Fav musicians: Chris Brown & Musiq Soul child Ideal type: A girl who has a lot of aeygo IG: @pepi_jr Twitter: @jrjyp He is a member of Got7's subunit JJ Project with JB (FOUND THIS INFO VIA

it seems like he is inviting us to the bed...
oh look at this vampire themed JR one I found on pintrest. I love it
he is such a cute adorkable human being. I just wish I could carry him in pocket all day
again I want to be that brush so I can feel his lips...
too cute...
p.s. found this funny. OK welp I'm going to bed and look forward to more cards throughout the day....And should I leave it as Tantalizing Jr Thursday or change it to Thirsty Thursdays for Jr... leave comment and let me know.
*opens book on aegyo and starts to study*
Lol Thirsty Thursdays for Jr, yeah cos I could do with a long drink of all that damn goodness
@LinnyOk Me too and @kpopandkimchi seriously need out master the master himself maybe study gdragon, v, and need for books all you need is youtube and Google images. lol
Junior Oppa, stooopppppppp being so cute!
I think he's threatening to sneak up my Got7 bias list 0______0