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One day since I ended up in the hospital. The last full day Namjoon could stay. I hated this so very much. I was here and could see him and all he could see was my body not moving minus the breathing. I had watched him the whole day. He never left my side he had spent the night. And even though he couldn't feel me I laid next to him. I was confused on a few things.... when I grabbed the water when I first woke up I swear I picked it up...but after that I couldn't touch anything....maybe my spirit is getting weaker meaning I'll wake up soon. "Namjoon it's time to go." Jin said walking into the room. "Ok....bye (y/n) I'll be back after my show." He kissed my forehead then walked out of the room. I didn't want to stay here and stare at myself so I followed him. I didn't know if it would work but it did. He was just dead. He wasn't lively at all and he didn't smile. He randomly would pull out his phone and shoot a few pictures. Im not sure what he was doing but He ended up crying at one point before they went on and he had to get his make up fixed. He couldnt feel me but I hugged him. I hated this so much I was hurting the one I loved and I couldn't do anything. He walked towards the stage and took a few deep breaths then right before walking out put a fake smile on. He did amazing, like he didn't have something on his mind. Once he was off the stage the smile was gone. I couldn't handle this I had to find away back to him. I left. Once I got back to the hospital I looked at myself. I had tried to find something out but nothing was helping. "What am I gonna do if I can't wake up? I can't leave him." I started crying this hurt so much. I sat down on the couch and just released everything. Not like anyone could hear me crying. I didn't even hear the door open. "(Y/n)....why are you crying?" I stopped crying and looked up. Namjoon wasn't looking at me on the couch but me on the bed. I looked and saw the tears coming from my eyes. He wiped them away and then kissed my forehead. At that moment I could feel his hand on my face and his lips on my forehead, the heart monitor started to beep faster. I could tell my heart beat had gotten faster because one I could feel it and two I could hear y the monitor and I knew the reason was because he had kissed me. But the odd thing is why was my body now reacting? I had to be starting to wake up right? He ran off to grab a nurse and then I calmed myself down. It took a bit for my body to catch up with calming down. The nurse said they'd do some tests to make sure I was still doing fine. So they took my body away from an hour while he laid there looking out the window. The relief on his face when they brought me back in made me happy. He didnt look like his world was ending as much. He placed his hand on my hand and rubbed it. I could feel his warmth through his hand. When he got a little tired he laid down on the couch and i followed. I fell asleep on him like I had the night before. "So they say she's fine?" "Yea...they said it might of been just something she was dreaming about that made it happen." "Do they know how long till she wakes up?" "No they said it's all in her now." "Namjoon what are you going to do if she doesn't wake up?" "Shut up Yoongi! I will never think about her not waking up." "Namjoon you might need to think about it though." "Not you too Jin." I took a deep breath and opened my eyes and sat up. This was the new thing huh. How much longer was I gonna be trapped like this. I stretched and yawned. "Shes a fight..." Ok so now what am I..... why did they stop talking? I looked around to find them on the couch. Wait wasn't that where I fell asleep? "(Y/n)" Namjoon stood up "Yes Oppa?" I smiled and he lunged at me hugging me. I was awake he could see me and I could feel him. I grabbed onto him hugging him with all my strength. "Oh thank God I was so worried about you." "Well I've been here the whole time." "What do you mean?" He pulled back a bit to look me in the eyes. What I just went through....that was just a dream right? "Nothing it's crazy." "(Y/n) we are so glad you woke up. Namjoon said he wasn't gonna leave you till you woke up. We had to force him to the concert last night." Jimin said "Oh. How long was I out?" I had to check everything against what I remember. "A little over 2 days." "What do I have?" If they say pneumonia then I'm going to freak. "Pneumonia you hadn't taken care of your body proper and you just got worse. They have you on antibiotics now." Namjoon said kissing my forehead. "Namjoon....can i leave?" I was on the verge of tears. "Let me go get the dr." He said starting to pull away and I tightened my grip on him. "I'll go get him." Jungkook said seeing how i was and ran out of the room. "Namjoonie." "What's wrong baby?" "I'll remember all of it." "All of what?" I looked around and motioned for him to come closer. When he was closer I put my lips to his ear. "What happened the last 2 days." "Baby you can't." How was I going to prove to him that I saw everything. I sat there thinking for a bit. The doctor came in and checked me out and explained what I had to do to make sure I took care of the pneumonia. He said that they would do a final check up and if everything looked good I could leave by the end of the day. After the doctor left I had everyone sit down. "Ok guys I have to explain something to you." They all looked at me. Namjoon just held my hand since he was sitting on the bed next to me. "I'm not sure if it was a dream but everything that was in my dream seems to have happened. I think I had like an out of body experience." I started "(Y/n) it was a dream." Namjoon said "No I'm serious I can prove it." "How?" Suga said pulling my attention from Namjoon. "Well first off I remebered you guys talking about not pushing back the concert more and namjoon said fine hell do the concert but come back here right after. Now I watched namjoon the last day he had off. I even laid next to him even though I couldn't feel him and he couldn't feel me." I stopped to see if they all still were listening. "Ok how can you prove this?" J-hope said "I followed you guys to the concert." I then went through what i had seen that day. I stopped right before i said anything about namjoon crying and I turned to look him in the eyes. He was realizing I knew what happened. Then I continued on with describing everything. " After that I couldn't handle it anymore." I finished "I believe you!" V and Jimin said at the same time. "You do?" "Yes! We didn't tell anyone what happened at the concert. Namjoon did you tell her?" "No." He was looking down. I put my hand under his chin to pull him up to look at me. His face was wet. I quickly pulled him into a hug. "Well leave you two alone for a bit....thanks for telling us this (y/n) even though it's weird we still think your not lying." Jin said and they all walked out of the room leaving me and namjoon alone. The room was silent minus Namjoons quiet sobs. "Namjoonie." I was gonna cry if he kept it up. "I was so scared I was gonna lose you forever." "I could never leave you...I would do anything to stay with you." "Sometimes you don't have control of those things." I rubbed his back and kissed the side of his head. "Namjoonie let's not think about what could have happened and think about what did happen. I'm here and I love you so much." "I love you to (y/n)" He pulled away from our hug to kiss my lips. Right as we seperated the dr. Walked in and took me to run some tests. When I came back every one was there waiting. "So" V asked "So I have to wait a few hours till they get the results." "Oh this sucks!" He said and started messing with Jimin and Jungkook. "Babe how you feeling?" "I'm great Namjoonie!" He smiled "Ok I say we go get some food!" Jin said "Am I allowed to go too?" I asked I really was sick of this room already. " Well as long as you can walk down to the cafeteria and they allow you to." Jin started walking out the door. "I'll go ask" and namjoon was out the door and back. "They said it's fine just to take it easy." "Thank god." I hopped out of the bed slipped on the slippers they provided and heading to the cafeteria to eat. I was hungry and I just wanted to eat everything I saw. After about an hour or so we all finished eating and went back to my room. The nurse that was in the room told me I could get dressed and get ready to get discharged. I happily got dressed and was ready to walk out but we had to wait for the paper. Everyone else had left so it was just Namjoon and me which was nice. I finally had gotten my phone back and pulled up my snapchat....there were several pictures from Namjoon....all the pictures he was taking at the concert where there. 'I wish you would wake up.', 'Ill be strong I love you', 'Baby. I LOVE YOU.', 'dont leave me'. These made me sad having to see what he was thinking when i was in the coma. Once I was discharged I was bouncing off the walls. "(Y/n) you need to take it easy. You still have pneumonia and you just got discharged." "I'm so happy! I can't contain it." I ran to him and jumped on him wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around my waist to hold me up and he laughed "Damn your so cute" He said pecking my nose. "I try just first you." I quickly placed a kiss on his lips. "Hey you just gave me a peck I want a kiss." He stated leaning back so I would move towards him. "I kissed you..." "There was no presence of tongues." He said with a smirk on his face. "You...." I smiled and laughed then pressed my lips back to his and he quickly moved his tongue on my bottom lip and then snuck into my mouth. We "kissed" although I would say we were making out in front of the hospital for a bit and when we pulled apart I had him set be down on the ground and we interlocked hands and walked to my place.
Soooo what do you think? did I make you happy? are you all better now? well I hope you enjoyed this update.
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"There was no presence of the tongue" will be forever Namjoon's line
I'm happy. Good feels before going to sleep 😊
my heart is whole again
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