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안녕하세요 내 사랑. Its your favorite blue eyed, green eyed, black girl. 저는 Elisha 입니다 aka ENF2. I tried my darnedest to post this before midnight but I didn't schedule things properly. So bare in mind that I haven't proofed if it its basically a rushed job but I have my priorities and instead of quality being on top timing is. So without further ado. Chapter 2 ((New Here? Chapter1 ))
A Kim JongKook Fan Fiction 2. After a good nights rest your routine went back to normal aside from the additional Korean studies. The client you inadvertently injured was starting filming without any ailments. The contract draft was immediately sent to you then delivered to your team of lawyers that debriefed you with a summary. Most of it worked highly in your favor. A translator wasn't mentioned at all but was probably apart the Additional Variables as needed section of a line in the contract. "If you're serious about this specific condition you should inquire about it before considering signing anything. And if its really important you should have it in writing," you primary law consultant informed you. The meeting room was spacious and bright Dilled with natural light from the many windows. The atmosphere was light as you discussed what seemed like a very adequate deal with the law team. "Yeah, I understand it might take time though, I'm not sure they have anyone the speaks English in their immediate team. And I certain don't have anyone I can call that can speak on my behalf that speaks Korean," you reply. "True, but we can get someone if communication is poor when you get in contact with them again." "Okay, thank you for your time, I'll get my company together on that," you say shaking hands and leaving the building your company secretary trailing behind you. "Well that ended well enough," she says. "Yeah I suppose," you reply keeping your hopes at bay. "The contract is sound, that's good." Another email was sent and your company boss called for the quarterly meeting where your one and only mistake in your many years of service was pointed out. He also warned that though it was a minor event and a rare occurrence it shouldn't even be a factor if you take the deal with Korea. Later that day you receive a correspondence from the Korean Company addressing your woes and agreeing to a contract meeting in whatever format you needed. The detailed e-mail was written by the fully fluent English speaking staff member of the board named Kim KwangIn. The letter showed his enthusiasm to meet with you and discuss anything that you would like the company to provide. After reading the e-mail you responded quickly hoping to get this discussion and factor out of be way in in the opening. A response came just as quckly, without a hitch. Mr. Kim informed that the meeting could happening in as little as 30 he just had to get the Company president and the secretary to join and he would of course have to translate. You took the offer and message your boss and company secretary immediately. Stephanie, your company secretary, knocks on your apartment door right as your internet telephone application started ringing signaling a connection was trying to be made. You open the door to greet her then hop over the couch in a rush to answer the call. "Uh, hello," you greet, deciding last minute to not use a language that was still foreign to your tongue. As you sat visible on screen you non-verbally directed Stephanie to join you. As the screen buffered to show your called you see an attractive young man, an older (possibly late 30s early 40s) man and a prim women in what appeared to be a conference room. The young man greet you as Mr. Kim and introduced the other man as Im GoNam the company president and the lady as Lee TaeJi the recording secretary for this meeting. You followed his lead and introduce yourself and Stephanie. He then again took the lead and started the meeting. "You wanted to discuss a mend you desire in the contract," he states. "Correct," you answer. "Though I agree with the contract as is, I find it interesting that you request to work with a foreigner and state no means of communicating in the contract. So the mend I'd like done to the contract is a statement referring to providing a translator." You wait a moment for Mr. Kim to share you feelings with the other two in the room. The Company President and Mr. Kim share a smile as they turn their attention back to you. "Miss Y/N, we assumed you understood that as an unwritten part of the agreement, but we understand and shall put it in writing for you," Mr. Kim smiled and informed. "Are there any other conditions causing you trouble Ms. Y/N?" "No that is all for now, thank you for taking the time out to meet with me so suddenly. Thank you Mr. Im, thank you Ms. Lee," they both nod as you acknowledge them as Mr. Kim translates. "Thank you for taking the contract seriously and address your issues with us," Mr. Kim retorts. "We hope to work with you soon." "I as well, good bye," you reply then sign off, a weight now off your chest and hopes skyrocketing.
Author's note: Yes, like I said early I'm a few hours late. In that time and for future reference please go to my Fan Fic Collection and enjoy some readers I find so dear. I'll manage my time better and not make outrageous promises to you or myself. I know you're as sad as I am that Kim Jong Kook Oppa still hasn't made an appearance I'm really attempting to set the seen here. I don't want to rush his appearance and basically give my main no personality or background. I'm not a writer so excuse the errors for now. I'm aim to have Grammar Queen proof this. ;p Anyway I hope you enjoyed this. This is you favorite K-Pop/K-World fandom trainee, just a trainee, signing off. Today is another to do better, I'll do better, you do better. 사랑해 ❤
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Yes! Yes! Yes! The backstory is beautiful! The build is is definitely on point! So realistic! That's what I love about fanficting, if you can capture the reader into your world thoroughly, then you're doing it right, and sweet oh glob this is wonderful! I'm not just gushing because you're my 언니 but because I'm absolutely enjoying this!