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!! One Piece Mobile !!
I just found this on reddit, but holy. shit.

This One Piece themed car seriously takes fandom to another level!!!

Up close, you can see some of the stickers are fading, but still...

that must have taken SO MUCH TIME to put them all on!!!!
I would have covered them in some kind of clear coat to protect them if I was going to put in that much work, but that's just me.
Either way, people would deffffffinitely know what you like if you have this car XD

So....what stickers would you cover your car in?

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So much dedication...I would avoid stickers on my car though lol
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@poojas yeahhh hhahah same XD
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what happens if it rains ?.....
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@vampireprincess I think they're on there hard enough!! And by the looks of it, they live in a sunny area considering how faded the stickers are lol
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