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[Dancer Week] Kpop Choreographers!

Sure you hear about idols composing songs, but what about dance?!

Below are two amazing idols that actually choreograph their groups own dances :D


Guess who choreographed this one, guys!?


Yes, my UB choreographed this dance and its SO fun! Very Michael Jackson inspired and just overall a great dance :3

Adore U - Seventeen

Hoshi from Seventeen helps choreograph their debut track 'Adore U.'

I can't even choreograph for one person let alone THIRTEEN PEOPLE.

This is one of my favorite dances of the year and to know that it was done by a rookie...IMPRESSIVE.

Do you know any other groups that have choreographed their own work!?

Tagging my Fantasy Kpop crew and a few Starlights/Carats amigos!
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I think Junior and Yugyeom helped create the If You Do dance. And Seunghoon choreographed Sentimental for Winner.
Also Jr choreographs for some of got7's dances
Hakyeon is bae! He can do absolutely anything I swear!
I know that BTS and B.A.P do some of their own choreography. If I remember correctly, then Jimin and J-Hope choreographed 'Run' and Jongup and Zelo choreographed 'Young, Wild & Free' :33
Eunhyuk I think has done some for both SJ, SJ-M, and D&E
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