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Wait... WHAT?! - Manicure Edition

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN (and the not-so-gentlemanly. You know who you are.),
It is time for a new Wait... What?! card - this time celebrating all that is completely offensive manicures. Thanks to the beauty that is the Internet, we have all seen some pretty impressive nail designs, but dearest Vinglers, not all manis are created equal.

Have no idea what I mean? Well, you'll see.

Do you see what EYE see?!

Yo, your animal nails are looking fresh 2 death, girl, BUT HOW DO YOU WIPE?

It took me a while to get this but. Dude. Swiss Army Nails.

Technically, she's bearing arms... on her hands.

At this point, if I broke a nail, I'd feel like the biggest jerk.

Mandie, I don't know who you are, but... WHY?!

At what point do your nails just become a lethal weapon?

Okay, I can't hate because one of these nails has Merlin on it.

She's got the Olympics' rings AND its 2008 mascots. Respect.

That awkward moment when you're flaunting an ocean-themed manicure, but probably can't swim with those nails.

And, damn, that's one way to repurpose astroturf.

And so concludes this installment of Wait... WHAT?!

Which one was your favorite? Which one scared you half to death? Which one would you actually rock?

Drop a comment below, and let me know what you think!
My bf gets anxious around those long fake nails, he didn't see it as beauty but atrocity. It's super funny everytime we go out and walk pass some girl with those long fake nails, the expression of horror on his face just priceless lol
I have to say those are some crazy nails. I could never wear nails like that. I believe my favorite one was the people on the grass because the nails look really cool in that texture. The one that is so scary is the ocean nails. I mean how can you even hold your hand up, it would be to heavy to do anything. Just craziness lol.
oh good gravy!! how the wipe with those nails???
so woman loves those kind of things ...weird 😌
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