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Chapter 8
You stand by the gate of the schedule flight to Osaka, Japan, headphones in your ears, softly nodding to Jay-Z's collaboration with Linkin Park. Japan has been a country on your bucket-list of visiting just to indulge yourself with their culture, food, and obviously the anime. As you boarded, you snap a quick picture of your view from the first class window seat and post it on Instagram with the caption reading, 'First time leaving my new home after five months, be back soon! #Japanbound.' You silence your phone to avoid your notification sound play x amount of times due to the endless amount of followers liking your photo. Before switching your phone to airplane mode, you open a Snapchat from TOP. It was a silly selfie with the caption wishing you safe travels. You take a silly selfie back and include a thank you, then switch your phone off.
The air in Osaka was fresh and soothing. You grab your luggage and find the driver quickly. With a bow and small greeting, he grabs your stuff and shows you to the car that was outside waiting. Through the window, you continue to take pictures to save them as memories and gawk like a regular awkward tourist.
At the hotel, you check in and have your bags delivered to your room. The receptionist at YG had made all the arrangements for your journey so getting the suite was definitely a pleasant surprise. Through the window, you take even more pictures, squirming like a little girl as you jump on the bed and cheer for being in Japan.
The rest of the day was available for exploring so you wonder through the local markets, sampling various food carts and buying a large amount of Pocky to cure the sweet tooth. Back at the hotel, you take another picture of the skyline for your Snapchat with a love emoji and set it as your story.
“Alright girl, you gotta work hard in order to earn some play time!” you snicker, setting out your outfit for tomorrow on the chair then climbing into the comfortable king sized bed.
By nine in the morning the next day, you're well dressed, well fed, and well exercised. You stand by the entrance of the hotel waiting for the chauffeur to take you to the meetings when a couple of men by the bushes, taking pictures in your direction capture your attention. You shift your weight uncomfortably and pull out your phone to check the time. Moments after, your ride pulls up and you hop in.
The first meeting was over in thirty minutes. The individuals you had met were not expecting a foreigner to handle the paperwork and negotiation so your presence was intimidating enough to get things done in your favor. However, the second and last meeting were a bit more challenging since the news that the 'Foreign Flower' was the one representing YG had traveled rapidly. Marketing was discussed, profit sales were displayed, and a bit of bargaining was done, but you pull through with your goals, leaving the other businessmen and women in awe of your skills and proficiency. As you make way to exit the building a young man in a suit stops you.
“Excuse me, miss?” he said slowly in English.
“Yes?” you reply in Japanese to ease his nervous.
He smiles kindly and continued in Japanese, “Are you the famous Foreign Flower?”
You blush and nod, still getting struggling to get use to the title that you've been given.
“There's a crowd of paparazzi outside the building waiting to ambush you, would you like to leave through another entrance?” he suggests.
“It's okay, I can handle some press,” you smile and bow as a thank you.
“Very well, your chauffeur will be out momentarily.” He bows back then lets you continue towards the door. The young man was right, the moment you step outside, the paparazzi begins to snap pictures of you while others begin to hoot and holler to capture a reaction. You smile sweetly and bow then descend down the stairs and into the car that was waiting for you, waving goodbye to the paparazzi before climbing inside.
<<Smooth girl, keep it smooth.>>
The rest of the evening, you chill in the hotel suite and order hotel service. You scroll through your Instagram feed and notice a photo of your best friend standing at LAX airport with a nervous emoticon as her caption.
“Huh, I wonder what she's up to,” you mutter then carry on watching television until you pass out on the couch. You awake to hotel service knocking on the door to bring you breakfast. With a thank you to the maid and a generous bow you devour the meal as soon as she leaves. Shower time was cut short due to your phone ringing from the living room. You grab a robe and tie it securely as you run out to answer before it went to voice mail.
“Hello?” you say breathlessly in English.
“Good morning!” It was Dae-Sung's voice.
“Good morning, oppa,” you reply and head back into the bathroom to finish getting ready.
“Have you eaten already?” Tae-Yang yells in the background.
“Yes, I have. Am I on speaker?” you ask, putting your own phone on speaker too in order to free your hands.
“Maybe,” Seung-Ri's voice laughs in the back.
“Our little sister is getting really famous so we decided to call to check in,” Dae-Sung explains.
“It was Dae-Sung's idea!” Ji-Yong teases.
“Shut up,” Dae-Sung laughs nervously.
You laugh, feeling touched and a bit embarrassed, “How sweet, I'm doing well, thank you for your concern, oppa.”
“Aren't we meeting up today?” Tae-Yang asks.
“Yeah! We're going to begin shooting today!” Dae-Sung chimes.
“Wrong, we're going to meet with the director and translate the contracts about what you guys will be shooting,” you corrected.
“But we still get to see you, right?” Ji-Yong whines playfully.
You laugh again, “Unfortunately,” you tease back with a sigh after coughing out your laughter.
“Unfortunately?” Seung-Ri cries in confusion.
“She doesn't love us anymore because she's famous,” TOP calls out.
“That's not true, say it isn't true!” Dae-Sung pleads.
“I have to go,” you reply, biting your lip to stop you from laughing. “See you guys later, bye.” You hang up and laugh to yourself for being a tease, “I'm a horrible person."
On your way to BigBang's location, you get numerous of snapchats from the members with sad faces and broken hearts. It had been over a month and a half since you've last seen the guys in person, giving you butterflies in the stomach since you had grown use to them around. Upon entering the studio where the BigBang staff was gathered, you instantly get swarmed with hugs and compliments by the friendships you had made. You laugh at the jokes that are cracked, and smile with everyone like family.
“Is that her?” you hear from across the room. The crowd around you opens up and you see Dae-Sung and Seung-Ri running towards you with their arms wide open. Dae-Sung reaches you first, wrapping his arms around you, pulling you into a big hug as he laughs. Seung-Ri hugs you from behind then you feel Tae-Yang's arms too, leaving you stuck in the middle of the three way group hug.
“Ya! That's sexual assault!” TOP yells as he made his way to the crowd with Ji-Yong.
“You're all going to squeeze the life out of her,” Ji-Yong smiles. The guys let you go at the same time, leaving you hugging your stomach from laughing so hard. Ji-Yong makes his way over to you and gives you a hug too.
“The air gets comfortable whenever you're here,” he whispers in your ear before letting go. You smile shyly at Ji-Yong's words then watch TOP awkwardly walk to you and scoop you into a quick hug.
“I didn't know I was so loved,” you blush after he let go.
“You're our Foreign Flower!” one of the cameramen shouts, making everyone cheer.
You smile and bow, “I'll work hard.”
With that, BigBang sat on the floor by the wall, taking a break from whatever they were doing before while the rest of the staff buzzed around with tasks at hand.
“Here are the documents that will be discussed with the director,” one of staff members say, handing you the paperwork.
“Is the director here?” you ask.
“Yes, she's over there in the corner with some of the camera crew.”
“Okay.” you nod then head over. Halfway across the room you see the director's back. <<Yeah, she's definitely from the States>> you think to but halt dead in your tracks when you hear a very familiar voice. The director turns around and looks up from the paper work in her hand to see you.
Your insides turn to mush, your heart drops into a million pieces and physically feel the air in your lungs get sucked out of your dropping jaw. Your body goes limp, dropping the paperwork from your hands to make a loud clashing noise against the floor with hot tears beginning to gush down your face. Your mind switches off as your body moves into a sprint towards the girl before you. Everyone in the room watches with shock and confusion as you throw your arms over the director's shoulders and begin to bawl into her neck.
It was your best friend.
Your body trembles when she rubs your back and quietly cries with you. “W-why didn't you-u tell me-e?” you croak in English between tears.
“I didn't know either,” she smiles through her own tears. You hug her tightly and bawl harder, ignoring the eyes on you. The human being you trusted with your life was going about to join you in misadventures once again. The woman who first supported your idea to work in Seoul. The other half of your crazy soul was in the room with you and it was in that moment you knew that your professionalism would be lost due to your usual dorky self coming out with her presence around.
She pulls back and wipes the tears from your face with a handkerchief and beams at you, “Are you ready to eff sh!t up?”
You throw your head back and laugh, “Hell yeah!”
As soon as she lets you go, your legs turn to jello and you fall to your knees. One of the staff members runs to you while your best friend helps you up.
“Girl, are you okay?” your best friend furrows her brows together.
“Yeah, I'm just so happy to see you,” you smile through a new wave of tears. The staff member gives you a bottled water and sits you on a chair. You thank the staff member and assure her that you'll be fine once you take a breather.
After several mischievous glances from your best friend, you get up, go to the restroom to wash away the tears streaks and compose yourself as much as possible. Everyone had gathered together in a circle, even your best friend. They had all been waiting for you to join in so you could introduce the director to everyone else. Once you were center stage with your best friend, she bows and introduces herself in English.
You introduce her in Korean, “She's the new director that YG has chosen to work with and she's also,” you being to choke when fresh tears emerge. “She's also my childhood best friend,” you finish, covering your face with your hand. The staff awes, even Tae-Yang and Dae-Sung's awe is heard loudly through the crowd.
Your best friend places a hand on your shoulder, making you turn to her, “You're embarrassing me,” your best friend says in Korean. Everyone laughs, including yourself then you take the handkerchief she hands you and wipe away the tears.
“Let's work hard,” you say and everyone cheers. The staff goes back to running their errands but you and your best friend take a seat on the floor and review the paper work, discussing the translation. Being so focused with the work, you fail to notice the moment your best friend calls over to BigBang and motions for them to sit in front of you two. You finally sensed their presence when Ji-Yong begins to peer over your shoulder to look at the documents. Your body stiffens at sudden appearance but relaxes when you realize that all five guys were gathered around you.
“May I help you,” you say sweetly to Ji-Yong.
“Just looking,” he smiles at you. You sense your best friend staring at you, with nothing but naughty thoughts in her eyes.
“May I help youu?” you ask her in English.
“Who is it?” she sasses back instantly.
“Who's what?” you look at her confused.
“Who. Is. It?” she repeats slowly, allowing you to catch on to her question. You blush and turn away.
“You do realize that they understand English, right?”
“Do you want me to ask you in Spanish? How about in French?” she sassed again.
You bite your lip, “No,” you say in a small voice.
“Then spill it,” she pushes.
“Well since you forgot, you're gonna have to figure it out.”
“Ugh, dime qual es!” she hisses in Spanish.
You shrug your shoulders and smile innocently at her. She throws her hands up in defeat then leans forward and eyes every member, observing their reactions as they stare back at her.
“You're scaring the children,” you say to her. Ji-Yong snickers as Seung-Ri repeats your words in Korean to the other members.
“How are we the children? You're our little sister,” Dae-Sung whines.
“Little sister?” your best friend caught on then shot you a concerning look.
“It's a long story,” you explain. “I'll tell you later.”
“Oh girl, you better,” she growls, “Or else I'll put you in as many awkward situations with these guys as possible.”
Your jaw drops, “You're worse than they are!”
“Worse?” she repeats, then places a finger under her chin and looks at the guys, “have you teased her?” she says slowly in Korean. The guys snicker under their breaths and exchange looks, making your best friend raise an eyebrow.
“Here,” Seung-Ri gives his phone to your best friend so she could look at the video of you rapping in the car, then scrolls to the pictures of you being embarrassed.
“Girl,” your best friend laughs. “Get your sh!t together.”
“I trusted you,” you hiss to him.
He smiles, “That's what you get for saying you didn't love us anymore.”
“I never said that, Tabi-oppa said it!"
“Me? I clearly heard you say it. Am I right?” TOP smirks and avoids your death stare. The other members nod in agreement.
“She's fun to tease,” your best friend chimes in. Ji-Yong translates to the others, causing another round of low chuckling.
You cover your face with your hands then bend forward and lay your forehead on your knees. You feel your best friend's hand rub your back and sweetly call your name as a teasing apology. She lays her head on your back and ruffles your hair.
“C'mon Foreign Flower,” she coos. You sit up and stare at her with a horrid expression. “Why yes, I do know that's what you're called. You're not just famous in Asia, girl. Your title has reached US soil too, and it went from 0 to 100 pretty quick."
You blush, “I'm not suppose to be famous."
“How are you single?” your best friend threw in a curve ball.
“She's single?” Ji-Yong asks in English, looking over you towards your best friend. She nods with a smirk.
“You're single?” Ji-Yong asks you in Korean, low key biting his lip.
“Whoa, our little sister is single?” Dae-Sung gasps.
“No way.” Seung-Ri baffles.
“I thought you were always being polite and courteous because you had a boyfriend back in the States,” TOP sputters.
“I said I was on the talk show,” you dodge their eyes.
“We thought it was part of the act,” Tae-Yang confesses. You shake your head then smile nervously.
“This is awkward,” you whisper back in English.
“I think you're enjoying it,” your best friend taunts.
You straighten up and square your shoulders then turn your head to her and force a smile, “Shall we get back to work, director, ma'am?” you say through your teeth as sweetly as possible.
The rest of time in the studio was productive, minus a few distracting comments from BigBang. Filming was to take place in Seoul within the next few weeks, giving enough time to get the sets ready and train the background dancers.
“How expensive is it to rent an apartment in Seoul?” your best friend asks as everyone packs up.
“Rent an apartment? For what?” you reply.
“Well I have to live somewhere while I work.”
You throw your hands up, “Dude, just come stay with me!”
“Really? That would be great! Just like old times!” you and your best friend hug and jump up and down in excitement.
“We're flying back to Seoul tomorrow, so just follow me home,” you grin.
“Don't get any pervy thoughts now,” she teases and you wink at her, then say goodbye to her and the rest of the staff as you prepare to head back to the hotel.
As you eat dinner, your phone chimes with a notification. Seung-Ri had sent you a Snapchat of the dinner Big Bang was having with the caption asking if you were jealous of their meal. You snap a picture of your own dinner and reply with a nah, and a smiling emoticon.
The following morning, you arrive at your designated gate and meet up with your best friend to spend a couple of hours catching up on what has happened since you left the States. Your plane announces that its boarding and you both jump up to your feet and board, finding two seats available next to each other. After adjusting your seat and getting comfortable, your best friend pulls out a book to read, making you lay your head on her shoulder and read along until your eyes start to get heavy with sleep.
“Is she sleeping?” a voice enters your head and feel your best friend move.
“Whoa, she is sleeping! She must really trust you in order to drop her guard down like that!” another voice hissed excitedly. You release a soft, sleepy moan and rub your face on your best friend's arm to get comfortable again.
“Watch this,” your best friend whispers then shakes her arm to awaken your conscious. “Who do you like?” she asks in a soft voice.
“BigBang,” you mumble, dreaming of you and your best friend having a regular conversation like no other.
“I know that, but who?” she pushed. Your dreams shift to the memory of when you first met him.
“Secret,” you murmur with a smile.
“Fine, don't tell me.”
“Are you thinking about him right now?” a different voice asks. You bite your lip and smile, imaging him smiling back at you.
“Mmhmm,” you hum.
“Can you blow him a kiss?” your best friend encourages. A light pink shade colored your cheeks in your dreams at the image of you kissing him, unaware that your cheeks were flushed in real life as well. “Well?” she probes.
In your dreams you muster up the courage and blow him a kiss then run away, but in reality, your lips pucker and make a small smooch sound before blushing even brighter and hiding your face in your best friend's arm.
“We should have caught that on camera,” a voice whines.
“That was too cute,” another voice utters.
“So.... she likes one of us?” a third voice restates, “Like.... like like, someone?”
“Do you know who?” the first voice spoke again. Your best friend shakes her head, making you slowly leave your dreamland behind.
“How about we investigate?” a new voice adds in.
“I doubt she'll crack. Remember when she said at the dinner that she couldn't be biased?” a fifth voice informs.
“That won't stop us,” a couple of voices laugh together.
You stir then raise your head, taking your time to rub your eyes open. Your best friend looks up from her book and smiles at you.
“Good morning sleepyhead,” she beams.
“Were you talking to someone just now?” you scratch your head then cover your mouth to yawn.
“What? No way, I've been reading this whole time.”
“Huh, I swear I head something,” you ponder, trying to remember the conversation that entered your head.
“You were knocked out cold, it must have been a dream,” she closed her book and slips it back into her bag. “Buckle up, we're getting ready to land,” she says, pointing out the window so you could see Seoul's airport down below.
When the plane lands, you and your best friend stay seat to let the passengers behind get out first. When you begin to gather your things, you see the members of BigBang pass by and wave goodbye to you with dorky smiles on their faces. You wave back, confused by their enthusiasm but shrug it off in order to get the luggage. At the gate you are greeted and thanked by the other staff members who were aboard but saw no sign of any of the BigBang guys or their managers.
“You and the director will be meeting with the president tomorrow to go over the new music video and get the ball rolling for its production,” a YG chauffeur explains to you on the way home. “And I was asked by the choreographer to tell you that he will be needing your assistance as soon as possible to help train the backup dancers for other the upcoming award show in a couple of months.”
“Well, looks like my plate is full,” you laugh and thank him for the ride when he reaches your apartment.
“Wow, nice place,” your best friend compliments when she walks in.
“Tried to make it more home like,” you add and set your things aside to give her a tour of her new temporary home.
The next day you leave early to head to YG and meet with the choreographer. The morning is spent going over different styles of the routine in order to find the perfect one for the back up dancers. Getting back into dancing after skipping out in large gaps makes you a bit clumsy in a few sections, but you manage to work over the challenges with the choreographer.
“Great, now that the routine is set and you too have perfect it that way we can get to teaching it within the next week. I'm going to need your help with some of the trainees for their showcase though, and after that, we'll have to prepare our main dancers for the awards show” the choreographer explains at the end of the session.
“I'll be here,” you bow and excuse yourself from the studio to make it to your office to clean up for the appointment with the CEO and the director.
Your best friend is waiting for you outside your office, checking you out as you make your appearance through the elevator doors and giving you a playful wink when you open the door. After changing and freshening up, you both head to the CEO's office and bow when the door opens.
“What's the plan, Miss Director?” the he asks once you and your best friend take a seat across his desk.
“Well,” your best friend takes out her notepad to reveal a few sketches of some scenes. “The song is a really sweet song to the fans right?”
You translate to the CEO between her pauses.
“I was thinking- the guys are singing to one girl who can't make up her mind about who she admires the most. They chase her around a castle, but she keeps running away because she loves all of them equally so at the end, BigBang corners her on a balcony where she trips backwards and falls to her death, making their characters realize that love needs to be cherished slowly and not abruptly,” your best friend finishes then waits for you to translate her vision.
“I'm impressed,” the CEO smiles. “Only one girl?”
“Yes, it cuts back on wardrobe expenses and we don't have to hire a lot of actors,” your best friend explains.
“I see. Do you have a specific vision for the main actress?” the CEO scans the director's notepad.
“Her,” your best friend points at you. Your eyes pop out of their sockets and your jaw drops instantly.
The CEO laughs, “Excellent idea! She's good media and has already won over the public.”
“But but but-” you stutter, trying to force a proper sentence out of your mouth.
“It's settled then,” the CEO stands up and shakes your best friend's hand. “I'll get things prepared so we can get a location and start shooting as soon as possible.” He looks over at you then takes your hand in his and smiles warmly, “Make YG proud,” he says, and excuses the both of you from his office.
You grab your best friend's hand and pull her into your office then lock the door. She wonders over to an seat and smiles innocently at you.
“You! You had this planned out the whole time!” you hiss with mixed emotions in your voice.
“I don't understand,” she smirks.
“You just threw me under the bus!”
“No I didn't, I had already planned to use you originally, what's the big deal?” she looks at her nails to avoid your burning eyes. You pace back and forth, thinking of the next words to say.
“I'm not suppose to be famous."
“Why not? You basically already are, this will only boost up your ratings.”
“You don't get it, if I f*ck up, even just a tiny bit, I'll lose my job and the chance to-”
“The chance to confess to your BigBang crush? Girl, this will only help cushion the blow. Imagine, you two start dating and the media completely supports it because you're their Foreign Flower and he's, well I don't know who he is because you won't tell me, but that's not important. The important part is that it's a win-win situation.”
You sigh long and hard, “I hate you so much right now.”
“Really? Because I think you're absolutely thrilled right now, and you want to fangirl so hard but that logic of yours is being too mature to allow you to see it like that,” she leans forward to argue her case.
You sit in your office chair and pout to yourself, trying to get a grasp on what exactly your feelings were at the moment towards the idea of being in a music video with BigBang.
“I think one of them likes you,” your best friend broke the silence.
“What are you talking about?”
“I think one of the members likes likes you,” she repeats. You flinch, remembering the same exact conversation with one of the make up artists.
“What makes you say that?” you ask, following the same dialog from your memory but leaning forward with a serious face since it was your best friend who was making the statement this time.
“I don't know how to explain it, but you have really great chemistry with all five guys, and it's obvious to tell just by looking that they're all comfortable being around you and speaking to you directly.”
“I have good chemistry with everyone,” you retort back, picking holes in her argument.
“I know that,” she sticks her tongue out. “But this is different, girl. Be careful.”
“How can I when you're over there throwing me at them like fresh meat at a lion's den?” you stand up and exclaim.
She laughs, “Then I suggest you learn how to tame those lions before they tear you up,” she winks and blows you a kiss.
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