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Korean Slang: 맞팔

This is another shortened Korean phrase and it means....

Follow me on social media!

맞 (mahj) comes from the verb "to face each other"
and 팔 (pahl) comes from "follow" (pronounce pahl-low in korean)

So 맞팔하다 (mahj-pahl-ha-da) means to follow each other's accounts!

Basically its Korean for #Follow4Follow LOL!

What idol would you text this to?!

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@kpopandkimchi, 맞아요...I was floored when I saw it on Instagram
a year ago·Reply
jin jungkook rapmonster jhope V suga Jimin Jackson JB Chanyeol sunyeol Wooshin Amber Victoria Luhan jpark and a lot more
a year ago·Reply
top! and cl!
a year ago·Reply
and jeonghan
a year ago·Reply
it's kinda confusing to pronounce
a year ago·Reply