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In the mood for a romantic comedy with feels and perverse humor? I recommend checking out Chobits. It is a continuation of Angelic Layer. Chobits first aired in 2002.
I'm sure a good deal of people have seen this one and have strong opinions either way. But for those unfamiliar, I will not spoil it too much.
Hideki is a country boy who moves to the city and is bedazzled by Persacoms. Those being personal computing devices embodied in a human form, an android if you will. They are designed to handle phone conversations, email, internet searches and other tasks similar to the smart phones we have today.
By sheer luck, Hedeki stumbles upon one sitting next to a refuse pile and, not having the cash to buy his own, is more than elated to take it home. This is where thing start to get interesting.
Thing happen ranging from kawaii to hysterical.
Hideki is a real gentleman, but can't help getting in to perverted situations.
The characters are very memorable. You'll either love or hate Sumomo. Same for Kotoko.
Now. Here is something a little freaky about this anime. Like I stated prior, Persacoms are similar to smartphones. Only this anime came out in 2002. Apple didn't release the first iPhone until 2007 and Android wasn't until 2008. Clamp (the Japanese manga collective) predicted a device almost everyone has that does all these things.
So... if you want to binge something new or need a good "[insert_video_streaming_service} and chill" for your next date, I highly recommend Chobits.
This is what you call ecchi with class
I remember reading chobits when I was younger and being like 'oh, wow, this is definitely perverted.
I've seen this anime. it was really good.
Clamp does have a really cool contained universe though
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