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Exo Kai X reader
Hiii okay back again with another request
this is for  @ESwee enjoy ;)
happy to take more requests if you enjoyed this one I made a GD one
and LR I do any type fanfic Shipping or just idol and the reader
and even a story if you want a group story ^_^ enjoy
who would have thought you would be working for Exo it's like a dream no a paradise right...WRONG!!!!
you've been working there for 3 month now and from the start it was hell for you
and that all thanks to one person...
and that one particular person is the one person that make your heart skip a beat and break in half all at the same time but how could someone be so sweet one minute than bitter the next.
" do this, get this, buy this don't forget to clean around here..blah blah blah ugh "
you said to yourself as you walk to the dressing room to go get chanyeol favorite coat because he can't focus unless he has his favorite coat. To be honest it seem more like their just messing with you but hey you need the money so it worth it and plus it's exo who even giving you the time of day right.
"at least Kai isn't here today"
you murmured,
you open the door to the dressing room were you find Kai standing in front of a mirror.
" speaking of the devil " you mumbled
"just came to get Chanyeol coat " you said.
you notice the way Kai eyes follow your every move. It felt kind of weird and creepy.
what the hell does he want quite staring it's weird.
you thought to yourself as your grab chanyeol coat, you notice Kai closing the door and leans against it blocking you from leaving. Your throat tighten as he starts walking closer to you, the look in his eyes full of hunger and desire.
"uh... Kai what are you doin-"
"shh shut up, your prettier when you don't talk." Kai said as he caress your cheek. Kai slowly leaned in close into your neck, the feeling of his warm breath against your neck felt so good yet so wrong. you felt your heart beat speed up as he traced your body form.
"I've been watching you seen you came to be honest, I didn't understand why I wanted you so bad... but today right now I'm going to make your body tremble. " Kai whisper into your ear causing shivers down your spine.
Kai wraps his arm around your waist and pulled you in close, pressing his body against yours. your beast were pressing up against his nice sexy slim yet muscular chest.
"Kai...I swear if your fucking with me I'm kicking your ass" you glare trying to pull yourself away from him but his grip tighten every time.
he smirks "I'm going to making you feel like your in paradise and hell at the same time tonight (Y/N) do you understand..." he whisper with a seducing smooth voice. The way he looks at you almost like he already fucking you with his eyes and making you feel so exposes.
"I-I'll sc-sc-ream" your voice Crack and shuttered as you felt him press his pelvis up against you more. you could feel his package and God what a nice package he has.
"go a head, they won't even hear you and even if they did, they'll know your screaming from the pleasure you'll be receiving." kai exclaimed, grabbing a hold of your ass and slightly smacking it. his action made you jump from the sudden smack on the ass that he gives you.
"wait! they... they knew where-" he turns you around to face the mirror. Kai gropped your breast with one hand and slide the other one up your skirt. Rubbing your thigh as he slide his hand in between them slowly moving up and upper. he slowly rotates his finger over your pink lace panties. He kiss your neck as he takes little bites that cause you to give out such lustful moans.
"wait...k-k-kai...did y-you plan t-this"you stuttered as you question him but no reply was given. he was to busy sucking on your neck to even listen to you either.
"your getting wet (N/Y) I could feel your pantie getting soaked " he mocks still twirling his fingers.
"how about we take them off, we wouldn't want to ruin them now would we." he says as he press his pelvic against your ass
"mhmm" you hummed, bitting your bottom lip.
Kai grabs you by your arm and throws you onto a chair, He spread your legs as he slowly sliding down your pantie with his teeth. The look upon his face made you want to fuck his face. he start licking your thigh slowly moving upper and upper. The suspension just made it even more exciting. Kai licks your cilt twirling his tongue around it cause your body to tumble and shake. You try to grab his hair, but he hold both of you hands down by your side as he licks up and down. the wettness felt so amazing he made with his tongue and your juice made it feel even better moist. The way he moved his tongue in your clit using the tip of it to fling at it. the way he suck on your cilt and the look in his eyes that look like a beast hunting his pery. the warmth of his breath every time he stop to breathe. it feel like nothing you ever felt , it made it harder for you to keep your legs open so Kai forcefully spread your legs wide open as he go back down. he sticks his tongue into your hole an twirls it inside of you making your body to stiffen. you claw your nails onto his back as he start groaning and moaning as you claw your nails in deeper

"KAI!! I'm Gonna..." you cry out letting out a loud grunting sound as you came all over Kai faces

"I'm sorry I'm so- " he shut you up as he kisses you.

You could taste your juices as your tongues wrested each other.
you pulled away as you gasped for air, Kai pushes you down on your knees. you notice the look he gave you, giving you a hint to what he wanted and with no hesitation you deep throated him. the feeling was so sudden, he let out sexy moan. you felt his hand grab your hair as he guide your head movement.
you couldn't believe what you were doing to Kai and most of all what you had in your mouth but it felt so good and taste so good you wanted more. you sucked harder and bobbed your head up and down faster. Kai bit his lip trying to hold in his moans but you gave suc good head it was impossible for him to hold back. you lick the tip as you started kissing it and moved up removing his shirt his body already sweating from the frustration of holding himself back from full destroying you but you wanted him to, you wanted him to take you to heaven hell and back
"FUCK ME OPPA! " you plead as you stay on your knees and legs spread looking up at Kai, who grin grow bigger and his eyes filling up with hungry.
Kai grab you by your waist sit you on the makeup table pulls your legs close to his members as he starts grinding it against your entrance. "your dripping already (Y/N )" he teases you, you could feel your face heat up as it turns pink "shuddup!" you covered your face as your cross your legs. Kai giggles at how cute you look he leans into your ear an whisper with a smooth deep voice "doggy wants the kitty (Y/N), C'ome open up and let me in " you hide you smile so you glared and try to move away but Kai grabs you by your arm and gives you this cold mean stare "guess we're play like that okay I like hunting my prey " he said cocking a smile and before you could protest he tosses you against the floor he take out a pair of hand cuffs from his backpack. you didn't know if you were scared or excited or maybe even both but you felt tingling down there. you snap back to reality and
you Try to run away but Kai wrap his arm around you as he starts nibbling on your neck finding your weak spot he put your arms behind your back as he cuff them and push you onto the table he slowly and seductively claims on top bring your legs over his shoulder as he lifts you up a bit and start eating you out it felt better than before that you start to grind too he smile and bring you down close to his members Kai spread your legs pressing them against your stomach as he forcefully thrusts inside of you "Uh fuck more!" you cried out Kai giving in to your demand and starts ponding you pulling you closer and thrusting in, the sound of your skins smacking just make it even arousing, the sound of both your grunts and moans filled the room and both of yours and Kai smoking hot sweaty body rubbing up against each other cause you heat up and want more. Kai flips you over as he thrust back in having you on all four he bites your back and slap your ass until it leaves a mark and your cries that just gave him a rush and the look of a beast he gives you makes your body heat up and want more and deep inside of you.
you wrap your arm around his neck your back against his chest both still on your knees he moves his hand down and rubs your cilt as you move up and down his members, he calls out your name as you cry out his. Kai shove you back down on your back and start nibbling on your nipples, he licking and sucking them even biting them felt Good, he shove it back in and slowly push in and out causing your back to arch up, kai play with your nipple with his tongue as he inside of staying still as he feel you getting tight on his member, you couldn't hold back you break loose of the hand cuff and wrap your legs around kai waist as you grind and rolled your hips.
"(Y/N) stop- st-stop I'm gonna-" Kai shutters he pulls you in and fuck you harder making your breast bounce "Ah Uh Kai!" you moaned "(y/N) I'm coming!" Kai said as he started kissing you
"mmm me mmm too" you said after ever gasp of air and with one final thrust you both hit climax Kai drop down as he lays his head on your breast you stroke his hair as you both need a month to breathe and cool down "wow your amazing" you praised Kai whos look up at you and kiss your nose "your not so bad yourself (Y/N) " you both start laughing as Kai start playing with your breast "bouncy bouncy nice soft and big boobs" he chants cutey you giggle and suddenly you and Kai make eye contact the mood shifts back to lustful desire he rolls over on to his back as you slowly and sexily claim on top of him but before you could sit on him a banging on the door is hear and a rough voice shouts " Kai wtf Open the door why do you have it lock!" it was his Manger banging on the other side of the door you jump off of Kai quickly start putting on your clothing the door opens just in Time when you had just finish getting dress when Chanyeol and D.O walk in "Wow smells like sex" they clown you blush as they chuckled "let's go before the Manger comes and smell sweat orgasm and stinky breath" chanyoel tease as he and D.O wrap their arm around Kai "let go " Kai said as he kisses you on the forehead you blush like crazy as you walk outside the door D.O chase after and pat your shoulder as he point out that your skirt was tunk into your panties he chuckle. your face turns pink as you hide your face in your plams
One month later

"ugh I feel nauseous" you clinch your stomach "hey (Y/N) what wrong?" Tao ask (yes I'm using Tao because Tao is Bae!)
"nothing just been feeling kinda nauseous and sick" you said covering your mouth trying to swallow down the baby barf Tao give you a concerning look "what? " you ask "um (Y/N) have you gotten your period?" you smack him on his arm "what type of questions is that tao" you said embarrass and still smacking tao "OW OW JUST OW ANSWER THE OW QUESTIONS" he shout. you stop and think hmm did you Wait did you!! OMFG you didn't No No maybe your just late or something Tao notice your eyes widen "did he use a con-" "NO! " you shouted not letting tao even finish what he was saying. a couple of hours later you both were found crying as the Kai and the other exo members walked in "wtf why are you two crying !" you and tao both look up at Kai with watery eyes "because I'm pregnant " you both cry out "wait wtf tao how? did you sleep with (y/N)" Kris grabs Tao by the arm forcefully pulling him away from you (YES I'M USE KRIS DEAL WITH IT)
"what no I'm not stupid...that Kai baby" tao said bluntly Kai eyes widen as he sit down next to you "Then why were you crying?" chanyoel ask smacking tao in the back of the head "because I'm a uncle and I'm still so young do I look like an uncle my body to sexy to be and uncle.."Tao explains "Tao get out" Kai orders pointing at the door
You couldn't believe that this was happening to you you were freaking out for many reason one because how can you be pregnant so young, two becasue it's Kai baby and three What are you gonna tell your parents "(Y/N).... (Y/N)..... (Y/A)!"
a loud Bang was heard as you jump up "I'M HAVING KAI BABY!!!" you shouted out randomly as you stood in front of your school desk everyone pointed and sat back down and hid your face inside your textbook "(Y/N) go to the nurse office your saying none sense again" your homeroom teacher said
the good thing is that it was just a dream so your not pregnant but the bad part is that you'll forever be know as the weird kid who wants to have Kai baby...
"FML" you murmured as you Walk into the nurse office "Chanyeol? D.O? Tao? or Kris ?" she asks you "no it was Kai baby this time" you reply shoving your face on the pillow the nurse pats your head "you poor damaged child"

The End!!!

I hope you like it lol
if the Grammar suck or mispelling is there note it's 1Am here close to 2 I'll edited in the morning when I read it again lol
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lol I'm not twisted puppy for nothing @sarahdarwish @ESwee @Starbell808 @EmilyPeacock
The ending, OMG! "You poor, damaged child!" HAHAHA!!!
That ending was a major twist. Really like it 😂😂
That ending was perfect!!! Which means she's had other dreams of the members. Ahaha I love it
Your endings though 😂😂😂
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