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hey guys! the end is near ! =( I will never forget this as it's the concert I had no change in getting into! I literally had about 5 phones at a time to try to get tickets and I did not get them! I'm however still traveling to go and try to get a glimpse of them!
I love bigbang! even if I don't got tickets I will still try to see them and I usually like to go buy merchandise outside the venue. so here is this. I have a kpop store under construction and since big bang won't have any other concert with all 5 I would like to know what do people like?
haha this is the only handy picture I have. the merchandise is non official and it includes from above: pillow, handkerchief(eye glass cleaner) and name tag. unofficial light stick with particular name of the concert (example) made etc. stickers, stand up stickers, light up headband crown, mouse pad, posters, postcards and plastic folder. these all include = the whole group or personal ones ( t.o.p only G.D only etc) you can also order official merchandise ( some merc is only sold here in Korea and it's limited edition)
I'm not sure if I'm going friday or saturday yet but please let me know what you guys think would be good for my store! I really appreciate it! If not all I buy is T.O.P and G.D =D
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I love stickers 😁