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"Confirmations are in for Kim Sun-ah’s next project — she’ll be taking the lead role in the revenge film The Five, based on the popular webtoon by Jung Yeon-shik. I have to say, I’m pretty excited that she’ll be playing a dark character in a revenge thriller; she’s got chops, but her choices tend to be safe, which for her is rom-com territory, with just a few detours in nearby melodrama or action comedy. A role where she doesn’t get to rest on her familiar dramaland persona will be one to watch. The Five’s original webtoon creator will also write and direct the movie version, about a group of people who come together to get revenge on a serial killer who robbed them of their loved ones. Kim Sun-ah will play the heroine Eun-ah, who loses her husband and daughter in a brutal serial murder, and nearly dies herself. She barely survives, “body and heart fallen,” and ends up in a wheelchair half-paralyzed with nothing to do but plot her revenge. She puts her own organs down as collateral to fund her mission (Dude. Hardcore.) and puts together a team. They include a North Korean defector, a former gangster, and a deadbeat debtor — all people who are marginalized by society in some way. The story is as much about the way these people come together as a strange family, fueled by revenge. The webtoon has an interesting background in that it came from a script for a movie to begin with. (The series started in 2011 and is still ongoing.) It makes sense that as a newbie director the script alone might not have had enough clout, but now that it’s gained a following online in webtoon form, the movie gets to be made. Win-win, and very well played. Now we just have to wait to see who they’ll cast as the other four members of her crew. The Five starts shooting early in the new year for a 2013 release."