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Of course I have to include the Intro Performance Trailer!XD
....and the Concept Trailer=D
#1: 'Hormone War' Dance Performance (real ±±±±×War ver.) #2: War of Hormone in Halloween #3: Danger ( Appeal ver.) #4: Just One Day (Appeal ver.)
BTS dancing to BigBang Thanks to them I cant help but smile everytime i hear sunset glow=D
BTS dancing to Run - D.M.C
BTS self random dance game
BTS dancing to girl groups (3 videos)
Dance Versions: #1: No More Dream #2: Boy In Luv #3: Just One Day
Dance Practice: #1: Run #2: Dope #3: I Need U #4: Danger #5: Boy In Luv #6: We Are Bulletproof pt.2 #7: N.O #8: War of Hormone #9: Just One Day #10: No More Dream
Special Dance Practices: #1: Special Choreography Stage #2. ××Embarrassed for 2015 FESTA #2: MBC GayoDaejun 2013 performance ±× ±×practice #3: SBS GayoDaejun 2013 performace practice #4: Attack on Bangtan #5: Concept Trailer Dance Practice
Not Full Group Dances: #1: Beautiful #2: Paldogangsan #3: Dance Break Practice #4: Dance Practice by J-Hope, Jimin, & ×××Jungkook #5: Dance Practice by Jimin #6: Dance Practice by Jimin - Bait #7: Dance Practice by Jungkook #8: Jungkook's Dance Practice
I made this to honor BTS, not only because they're one of my favorite groups, but also because I honestly believe they're are amazing dancers.

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@ManduBum omg the intro alone!! I've watched it 100 times already
@justskate610 best card ever.
They are amazing dancers. I'm always in awe when I see them perform live simply because they are so synchronized and precise. Their choreography is incredible as well. It'a always dynamic.
and yes please add me
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