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You can't live with them and you function without them.

Contrary to popular belief, this time I am not referring to men. I am referring to a woman's best friend throughout the majority of her life, the bra. I went through a period of my adolescence where I refused to wear a bra. I wanted to be free and not constricted by a piece of fabric that held my twins down. It took me awhile to realize just how important a bra was to my life and every other woman's life. Talk about a girls best friend.
While we might think a bra is nothing more than just a pretty piece of fabric you wear clasped in the back for both comfort and support, it is so much more. Keep scrolling to find out a handful of facts about the bra that you probably had no clue about.

Get Your Bra Tailored

Pants and dresses aren't the only thing that you can get tailored. Believe it or not, you can get your bras tailored to fit your expectations -- literally. Whether you're trying to fix a band or a loose strap, there's definitely a tailor for that.

Every Woman Needs A Convertible Bra

The great thing about a convertible bra is that it will still support your twins regardless of what you're wearing. It's so hard to wear a halter top, etc when you're wearing a regular bra, but with the help of a convertible bra all your needs will be met with a simple switcha-roo of the straps.

Wear Your Bra On The Outer Most Hook

If you're wondering why your bra is stretching out, it's because you're snapping your bra on the middle hook which eventually stretches out the band. You want your bra to be snug in order to give the support needed. Always hook your bra on the last hook.

Ladies, do you have any bra facts worth sharing?

If so, leave a comment below.
convertible bras can be lifesavers!!! I once had an event in the evening and had to change into a dress that I totally forgot I needed a strapless, turns out I was wearing a convertible. I was pretty happy!!!
You are very welcome! I'm glad you found them beneficial @MyAffairWith
@jordanhamilton yup same here. Thank you for these tips!!
thanks @MyAffairWith and I agree, I've definitely had that struggle in the past
These are great tips! I wholeheartedly agree with getting your bra tailored because you could also be wearing the wrong cup size as well. :D
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