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I feel empty this Friday. Signal just ended last week and I don't have another drama to look forward to at the moment. There were rumors there will be a season 2 because there are too much details left out to end it there. The writer is not someone to leave out important points. Each scene is so carefully planned it's almost as if she was there in person to witness everything. For your information, the drama is not cliche at all. I'm not going to spoil it for you but the series is filled with twists! Okay, so enough of my rambling. I want to share today's playlist featuring the OST from Signal. It's one of the best drama OST ever so listen to it! I included the lyrics for the first song!

김윤아 (Kim Yuna) - 길 (THE ROAD)

(note: Kim yuna is the lead singer of indie band Jaurim!)
No one taught me
If this was the right path or if I should go on a different one
If I reach the end over there, I’ll stop
Saying it’s the end
I’m standing in front of a blocked maze
I ask about my path but the echo has no answer
I might stay on the same path as yesterday
As if I’m hanging on that spider web
Somewhere in the world, in the deepest corner
I need to find myself, who has lost the way
Before the darkness that swallows the sun will come
I need to find my way that is trapped in a long wall
Teach me, my hidden fears
If this path ends, will there be another one?
I need to untangle the knots on my feet
But my numb hands hurt too much

장범준 (Jang Beom June) - 회상 (Reminiscence)

This song was played during one of the saddest scene!

잉키 (INKII) - 떠나야할 그사람

정차식 - 나는 너를 (I will forget you)

조동희 (Jo Dong Hee) - 행복한 사람 (Happy Person)

I keep hearing so many things about this drama! I want to watch this AND Descendants of the Sun (I hope there will be a second season!!!!)
@StephanieDuong YES! Season 2 is happening. You'll know why after watching the last episode!!!
@Meeshell It's a really interesting and original storyline!! I'm watching an episode right now! haha. 😆
Ahhhhhhhh so many things to watch! I will add this to my list! 😁❤️😁❤️😁❤️
@StephanieDuong ugh! I know! That is actually the episode that got me real angry!
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