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Let's meet Osiris...
Osiris went to a local bar where he found people who felt guilty. He later grabbed Matthew Hammond, Christopher Fisher, and Warren and took them to his court where he held a trial and condemned them. Dean Winchester bumped into him in a bar, where Dean told his guilt to the bartender.
After Dean left the bar, Osiris took him to a farm where he put Dean on trial. Sam stepped in as his lawyer. Osiris called witnesses; Jo Harvelle, Sam and Dean himself. In the end, Dean was found guilty and Osiris told him that he would die soon. Just before Dean could be killed, Sam used a ram's horn and put Osiris into a centuries long sleep freeing Dean from death. Dean still felt guilty about the things in the past and for lying to his brother about Amy Pond. (lol not that Amy Pond, No Doctor Who here lol)
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ok I definitely need to rewatch this, I totally forgot about him XD
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I just watched it last night! I figured I give his character a little shine.
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I wanted Dean to come out as innocent, but it wasn't fair that he didn't tell Sam what he did since he thought she had to die
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