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If you have social media then it's likely that you've seen this beauty floating around your timeline over the past week or so. Makeup guru and YouTuber, Shalom Blac created a collaboration video with another YouTuber that went viral entitled, 'The Power of Makeup'.
As we all know, makeup is used to enhance our features and in this video, Blac talks about learning to love herself despite her burn scars. She refers to a time in grade school when she would cake on concealer to conceal her face, later realizing that she still wasn't happy. Makeup should be something you do for fun, not something you do for physical satisfaction. With or without makeup, we are all beautiful beings and if you are struggling to realize that -- keep scrolling and check out the amazing video below.

What are your thoughts on the video?

Why do you choose to wear makeup?
Im OBSESSED with this lady and I think she has such a powerful message. She outright says, "I'm not beautiful for my makeup." I'm beautiful because of myself. and I LOVE that
That's amazing! she surely knows how to do makeup! Personally I don't use makeup much, Coz it takes time and I'm too lazy :p So I'm always in awe with these makeup videos, they are like magic!
The one In NY. We were suppose to go again this year but she waited too long and the tickets sold out. So she's going on Sunday while I'm going on Saturday. 馃槩
I love this. She's beautiful either or. I still am learning to love myself and I can only imagine how hard if must have been for her having to deal with scars at such a young age. Respect to her
Omg this video is everywhere!! 馃槀 I know her personally lol. We went to IMATS together last year!
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